The Wallet Style Best for You

Posted by WalletBe on Apr 15th 2024

Chances are, your wallet is a regular fixture in your day-to-day life. From smartphone wallets to passport carriers to accordion wallets to front pocket wallets to slim billfolds, there’s a type of wallet out there for every man and woman. Your own personal wallet style is something that you may have never considered before, but perhaps doing so now will help you to realize how big of an impact having the right wallet can make in your life. We’ll help you identify your wallet style here! The Boy Scout

Some people take the Scout’s Motto of always being prepared to the extreme. In addition to the necessities of ID, credit cards, and cash, these people never want to be without their countless membership cards, oil change coupons, photos of their grandkids’ pets, and everything else they have little use for when they leave the house. If this is you, consider an accordion style wallet or a men’s front pocket wallet that’s perfect for reducing clutter. Cell phone wallets are also a great way to get your smartphone in on that action.The Minimalist

This is the exact opposite style from the Boy Scout. If you are capable of traveling from coast to coast with only your driver’s license and a credit card in your pocket, you may be a Minimalist. For you, an ultra-thin or front pocket wallet may be the perfect solution when you only need to take a few pieces of critical currency with you.

The Organizer

Organizers walk the line between the extreme personalities of the Boy Scout and the Minimalist. Every wallet pocket and compartment is used efficiently for important items, and they may have a rotating collection of items that are switched out depending on the occasion. Organizers love options, features, and places to put things. Like the Boy Scout, our cell phone wallets provide great options for those that need a place for everything.