About Us

Dimo Gear LLC is a family-owned and operated company and the owner of the WalletBe® and Dimo New York brands. We have designed, manufactured, and sold uniquely styled men’s and women’s leather wallets and accessories since 2002.

Who We Are

 My name is Jim Dimataris, owner, designer and CEO of WalletBe®,  a family business. While my business experience began in the development of Private Brand food items for supermarkets, I started designing wallets by sketching them out on paper because I could not find a good slim yet functional wallet for my own purposes. I have continued innovating with new designs for Men and Women for the past 19 years. 
Customer service is priority one as we are one of the few companies that has a knowledgeable person available to answer questions. Being a family company, we are flexible enough to tailor products to our customer’s needs and enjoy being an industry leader in design innovation and fashion for leather goods. Our advantages include listening to our customers’ feedback and being fast to market with items that fit their needs.

Why WalletBe®?

We design WalletBe® wallets for you and your lifestyle. You’re on the go, with work, kids, travel, and the everyday lifestyle challenges that arise. WalletBe® wallets make your life easier by providing simplicity, organization, and classic no-frills style. We promote them as fashionable, functional, and fun.  
WalletBe® wallets and accessories are the most compact and functional available. That, combined with our commitment to quality and durability, makes WalletBe® an exceptional value compared to the lack of innovation and often inferior quality wallets found in department stores or even high-end designer boutiques. Our products are offered in contemporary and attractive colors and are made of high-quality, Italian, hand-finished leather. Many of the women’s models include our popular accordion style, one of the company’s flagship features. We also revolutionized and designed some of the very first cell phone wallets. Today, we continue specializing in innovative designs for smartphone wallets. Men’s styles are designed for high functionality and feature an ultra-slim construction, a perfect fit for your front pocket. 

The WalletBe® Story

 Having designs for men’s and women’s wallets in hand, a friend convinced me to have samples made. After receiving those first samples (manufactured by a shoe repair store), it all came to life. We performed more research, visited factories, and decided to make retail quality samples, still not knowing who we were going to show them to. 
Then one day, I saw a QVC ad promoting their National Product Search at the Mall of America.  Again, my friend convinced me to attend. There were 900 vendors presenting at this educational and opportunistic event. The disappointing news given at the event was that QVC would only be selecting 7 lucky inventors from the 900 in attendance. You’d think we would’ve had a better chance playing the lottery. 
Surprisingly, I was told at the event that WalletBe® emerged initially in the top 20%. Three weeks later, I received a call from QVC informing me that we were one of the 7 lucky companies selected! They went on to say that I should get my wallets made immediately for delivery in order to meet the October launch date. We were going to be featured on live QVC television!  
Having cleared the many hurdles and surpassing the minimum sales volume requirements, we went on to become QVC’s top-selling wallet by volume, having sold over 1 million WalletBe® wallets over an 8-year span. 
We have gone on to sell our wallets in catalogs, retail stores, and online. Most recently, the HSN Shopping Channel asked us to design a line of travel wallets to be white-labeled for one of their celebrity guests. I am proud to say that also was a complete success.