About Us

Dimo Gear LLC is a family-owned and operated company and the owner of the WalletBe® and Dimo New York brands. We design, manufacture and sell uniquely styled men’s and women’s leather wallets and accessories and have been in business since 2002.

Mission Statement

Make lives a little easier with the most functional wallets and the highest level of customer service.


Vision Statement

To earn the trust to become the go-to brand for innovative wallet/purse designs that inspire organization, offer sustainable products with greater accessibility and added security.  The ultimate goal is time savings through organization.


Who We Are

We are a family business that designs unique wallets, front pocket wallets, cell phone wallets and small purses.  Our point of differentiation is our commitment to functionality, quality and the highest level of customer service. Customer service is priority one because we are one of the few companies that has a knowledgeable person available to answer questions. Being a family company, we are flexible enough to tailor products to our customer’s needs and enjoy being an industry leader in design innovation and fashion for leather goods. We pride ourselves in listening to our customers’ feedback and being fast to market with items that fit their needs.  Our products have been featured on both QVC and HSN shopping Channels and were the best selling wallets over a ten year period.  

Why WalletBe®?

We design WalletBe® wallets for you and your lifestyle. You’re on the go, with work, kids, travel, and the everyday lifestyle challenges. WalletBe® wallets make your life easier by providing simplicity, organization, and timeless, classic style. We promote them as fashionable, functional, and fun.  Our wallets promote a lifestyle change of de-cluttering and simplifying what you carry with you daily to ultimately save time and feel good about yourself.
WalletBe® wallets and accessories are the most compact and functional available. That, combined with our commitment to quality and durability, makes WalletBe® an exceptional value compared to the lack of innovation/inferior quality wallets found in department stores. Our products are offered in contemporary and attractive colors and are made of high-quality, Italian, hand-finished leather. Many of the women’s models include our popular accordion style, one of the company’s flagship features. We also revolutionized and designed some of the very first cell phone wallets. Today, we continue specializing in innovative designs for smartphone wallets. Men’s styles are designed for high functionality and feature an ultra-slim construction, a perfect fit for front pockets which also provide relief from back discomfort from sitting on a bulky wallet.