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What’s Your Wallet Style?

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Chances are, your wallet is a regular fixture in your day-to-day life. From smartphone wallets to passport carriers to accordion wallets to front pocket wallets to slim billfolds, there’s a type of wallet out there for every man and woman. Your own personal wallet style is something that you may have never considered before, but perhaps doing so now will help you to realize how big of an impact having the right wallet can make in your life. We’ll help you identify your wallet style here!

The Boy Scout

Some people take the Scout’s Motto of always being prepared to the extreme. In addition to the necessities of ID, credit cards, and cash, these people never want to be without their countless membership cards, oil change coupons, photos of their grandkids’ pets, and everything else they have a nonzero chance of needing when they leave the house. If this is you, consider an accordion style wallet or a men’s bifold wallet that’s perfect for cramming full of all life’s necessities. Cell phone wallets are also a great way to get your smartphone in on that action.

The Minimalist

This is the exact opposite style from the Boy Scout. If you are capable of traveling from coast to coast with only your driver’s license and a credit card in your pocket, you may be a Minimalist. For you, a money clip wallet or front pocket wallet may be the perfect solution when you only need to take a few pieces of critical currency with you.

The Organizer

Organizers walk the line between the extreme personalities of the Boy Scout and the Minimalist. Every wallet pocket and compartment is used judiciously for important items, and they may have a rotating collection of items that are switched out depending on the occasion. Organizers love options, features, and places to put things. Like the Boy Scout, our cell phone wallets provide great options for those that need a place for everything.

Wallets For Any Occasion

When it comes to men’s wallets, there seems to be an unwritten rule that limits the number for any single person to one. Women can have tens of purses for a wide variety of uses and occasions, so why shouldn’t men be able to do the same thing with their wallets? Okay, so maybe you’re [...]

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Remembering Your First Wallet

Do you remember your first wallet? Like your first wristwatch or piece of jewelry, having your own wallet made you feel like an adult, even if you barely had any use for it. If you were like most children, you probably got one before you needed it for keeping money, which you were likely only [...]

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Travel Security Tips

At WalletBe, we love to see the world. With that being said, however, all it takes is one careless oversight to turn your dream vacation into a nightmare, especially when you’re travelling overseas. A lost plane ticket, a stolen phone, or misplaced hotel reservations are all stressful ways to spend your cherished time in what [...]

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Protect Your Personal Info With An RFID Blocking Wallet

You may have noticed that more and more credit cards are switching from magnetic strips to RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, chips. If you don’t already have at least one of these new cards in your wallet, you can be sure you’ll get one soon. And while RFID chips have been specifically designed to reduce [...]

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Give Dad A Leather Wallet This Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching quickly, WalletBe would like to take this opportunity to appreciate dads everywhere.Dads, we thank you for always supporting us. You spent time throwing us pitches in the backyard, even when our batting average was .001. You taught us how to ride a bike, and you helped us understand that a painful [...]

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Need Help Finding That Wallet?

Did you lose your wallet? Man, that is the worst. Hmmmm...did you check your pockets? I’m sorry, of course you did. What did it look like? Was it one of those new RFID blocking wallets? I’d love to help you out because I’ve been there, and I hate the feeling of not knowing where my [...]

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Your Wallet Instruction Manual

Congratulations on your new leather wallet from WalletBe! While the majority of the wallet-buying population requires no instructions to start using and enjoying their new women’s or men’s leather wallet, we want your experience with our products to go above and beyond even your most optimistic expectations for your new wallet. So if you’re not sure how [...]

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