Need Help Finding That Wallet?

Posted by WalletBe on Apr 13th 2024

Did you lose your wallet? Man, that is the worst.  Did you check your pockets? I’m sorry, of course you did. What did it look like? Was it one of those new RFID blocking wallets? I’d love to help you out because I’ve been there, and I hate the feeling of not knowing where my wallet is! Well, let’s see here...

Where were you?

Did you work today? Stop anywhere along the way? Did you drive, and if so, which car? When was the last time you remember seeing it? It has to be somewhere where you were. Start at the beginning, and walk yourself through every detail of your day.

What were you doing?

If you can remember any reason as to why you would need to take your wallet out, it might trigger your memory. Did you buy something? Leave a tab open somewhere? Were you wearing an unusual choice of outerwear that has wallet-hiding pockets? Did somebody give you a business card or perhaps a sandwich club punch card?

Did you leave it someplace random?

I’m not talking about in your neighbor’s bird bath, but more like an unusual place in your own home. Perhaps the top of the toilet tank, a junk drawer, or your kitchen table? Oh, I know! Did you use a credit card to order something on the computer? If it isn’t there, there’s only one thing I can tell you..

After you’re done canceling your credit card numbers and re-establishing your sandwich club membership, you’ll need to start thinking about getting a new wallet. Fortunately, WalletBe is here with a huge selection of women’s and men’s leather wallets, travel wallets, passport carriers, front pocket wallets, the aforementioned RFID blocking wallets, accordion wallets, and much more. Browse our selection today, and take consolation in the fact that you can at least replace the old one with something better!