Your Wallet Instruction Manual

Your Wallet Instruction Manual

Posted by WalletBe on Jun 8th 2016

wallet1.jpgCongratulations on your new leather wallet from WalletBe! While the majority of the wallet-buying population requires no instructions to start using and enjoying their new women’s or men’s leather wallet, we want your experience with our products to go above and beyond even your most optimistic expectations for your new wallet. So if you’re not sure how to use your new leather wallet, or if you would like to learn about some easy ways to maximize your wallet’s performance, read our handy online wallet instruction manual right here!

1. Give Everything A Home

If you are the proud new owner of one of our credit card wallets, front pocket wallets, cell phone wallets, or passport carriers, you will notice that there are several to many pockets and compartments available for your cash, cards, and other personal accessories. A little bit of time spent now carefully deciding on the best place for each item can lay the foundation for years of wallet enjoyment.

2. Be Mindful Of Your Person

Where you choose to carry your wallet can make a big difference on your posture when you stand, sit, and engage in life’s various activities. If you like to overload your billfold wallet, for example, you’ll want to leave it out of your back pocket when you’re sitting for extended periods. Heavy cargo is also bad when you’re trying to exercise. A good rule of thumb is if your clothes move along with your wallet, it’s time to find a different pocket or a new home. Purses and glove compartments make great places to store your wallet when you’re worried about being hindered by it.

3. Never, Ever Leave Your Wallet Behind

A shiny men’s leather wallet left on top of the Ms. Pac Man machine at the local roller rink presents a tempting moral dilemma (some would say “opportunity”) for the next player. Best to save these people from the guilt of spending all your money and always check to make sure your wallet’s in the right place when you arrive and depart any location.