What’s the Difference in Wallet Types?

Posted by WalletBe on Apr 15th 2024

We all know what a wallet is - a small case that’s used to carry items such as credit cards, cash, coins and identification. However, wallet companies all over the world (including WalletBe) have become creative with our wallets and designed new looks. It’s these designs that have turned wallets into a fashion statement and accessory rather than just a simple tool. Through this evolution of style and utility, you can now select the perfect wallet for you because of both its appearance and functionaility! Take a look at the wallet types to learn more about them and choose the best option for you:

  • Credit card wallets - These wallets are perfect for anyone who mostly carries cards with them and prefers to go with minimal cash. 
  • Bi-fold wallets - These wallets fold into two parts, which is why they are called a bi-fold.
  • Tri-fold wallets - These fold into three parts. Often times this extra fold creates unnecessary bulk.
  • Front pocket wallets - Certain wallets are made to be placed in the front pocket. These wallets are  smaller, highly functional and designed to slide comfortably into a front pocket.
  • Clutch - Women going out for a night on the town may opt for a clutch, as usually, they are a bit more spacious than a typical wallet. They usually have space to include a phone and any other items you may need, as clutches also tend to be a substitute for pockets and the purse as a whole, as well.
  • RFID wallets - These wallets are designed to prevent identity and credit card information theft from your wallet. If you are concerned about the safety of your information, definitely purchase an RFID wallet.
  • Money clip - These clips aren’t really wallets, as they are usually just a clip for your cash and sometimes have a spot to slide an ID and a credit card or two. These are a good choice for someone who doesn’t want to take up much space and prefers a minimalist style.
  • Accordion wallets - These wallets  open up to look like an accordion. They can have two pockets, four, or more depending on which one you choose. This allows much more space for the user to organize more than just money. For example, an accordion wallet would be a great choice for someone to keep track of credit and rewards cards or receipts.
  • Cell phone case wallets - These wallets come in all sorts of styles and designs! The main difference is that these wallets have a space for you to store your phone as well as your cash and cards.

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