Search for Quality, Avoid the Cheap

Search for Quality, Avoid the Cheap

Posted by WalletBe on Apr 14th 2024

This may seem like a self-explanatory idea, but it’s a hard one to follow through with. It’s easier to walk into a store like Walmart, pick something off the shelf that is firmly priced in the twenty dollar range and think that it’s going to be good enough. But when did sub-par ever become “good enough.” You aren’t given a Bic ballpoint pen when you graduate, you’re given a nice pen that can be refilled and reused. This pen is along for the journey with you, it’s a part of your vision of college, it’s the pen you picture signing the deed to a house with. When you finally sit at your desk, you’re going to uncap this pen and start that grand career. Rather than go with the easy way out, try finding something of quality that you can mark periods of your life with.

You’re Buying an Experience

When you see someone walking around with a designer bag, you might turn your nose up. But it’s a leftover tradition for the 1800s. In the Victorian era, Europeans used to only buy one bag that was expected to last them an exceptionally long time. Makers like Louis Vuitton, who used to specialize in trunks made for going overseas, (hence their mainly canvas design), surfaced along with Burberry, who put themselves on the map by creating the trench coat that would survive WWI. You can still find perfume in France made from whale blubber, but it makes the fragrance last longer than you’d ever expect. When you purchase an item that’s made to last, you’re purchasing a companion for all of your adventures. Think of that trunk your German grandmother passed on to you, that’s easily been in your family since they crossed the sea to find a new life.

You’re Buying a Companion

This is the same principle applied to purchasing a quality wallet. You’re not buying the leather good, you’re buying a companion for all of your travels from this point on. When you think of the time you went to London with your fiance, you’ll remember snippets of purchasing brews while fishing your card out of that small men's wallet. You’ll remember sliding it into your pocket quietly when you have to get up early and you’re trying not to wake your partner. You’ll remember rushing back to a restaurant after leaving it on the table. Finally, after years of faithful use, you’re going to place it in box and save it, because it’s become a sentimental symbol. It’s tied to tons of great memories that you can be reminded of whenever you stumble across your quality men’s bi-fold wallet in your dresser drawer.

You’re Making A Lasting Decision

Some people still believe that it’s better to get something new every once in awhile rather than one big purchase that’s meant to last. The idea is that it’s more fun to get something new, and take advantage of retail therapy, rather than find something you’ll truly enjoy. While this mentality can totally apply to some purchases, it doesn’t necessarily apply to something like a wallet or pair of shoes. Europeans like to call Americans shameless capitalists because of this concept that something we can buy for cheap and “fund the economy” is better than saving your money in the long run. As a business, WalletBe is all for capitalism, but we also support our customers getting the best product they can, rather than settling in the hopes that they’ll find something they like better later.

You’ll Find Quality in Variety

This begs the question: should you be hesitant to purchase your men’s wallet online? Of course not, creators of quality leather goods can be found everywhere. If you’re looking for a companion for the next stretch of your life, use as many resources to find this important piece as you can. Tap into the online market as well as the physical market, though we’d like to casually point out our own products. Created with care and beautiful craftsmanship, WalletBe’s men's bi-fold wallets are sure to satisfy your needs for a high quality, lasting product. Make memories with our wallets by your side, and enjoy your next purchase to the fullest with WalletBe.

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