Tips For Cleaning Out Your Wallet

Posted by WalletBe on Apr 15th 2024

Ever feel like this is all in your wallet?


your wallet a clutter magnet, making you feel like everything (needed or not needed) is stuffed into one tiny billfold? Do you find yourself sitting at an angle because it’s so thick in your back pocket? Does stuff fall out of it every time you open it up? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, perhaps your wallet could use an overhaul. However, you may not know how to decide what to keep in your wallet, and what to let go. If that’s the case, WalletBe has some tips for helping you de-clutter your wallet.

1. Make A List

Walk yourself through a typical day, and write down anytime you need to use something that you keep in your wallet. These will be the essentials: Your driver’s license, credit cards, cash, and whatever else you might use. Next, pare down to one debit card and one credit card and use your phone number at stores for your rewards accounts.

2. Make Piles

Empty everything out of your wallet, and we mean everything. Organize its contents into several piles: one for the essentials you should always have with you, one for important things that you don’t necessarily use every day, one for important things you can keep at home instead of in your wallet, and one for things that you can get rid of.

3. Find A Place For Everything

Put your essentials back in the wallet, and decide which other items are important enough to carry with you everyday. Are there other things you want to keep, but not necessarily in your wallet? Make a place for them somewhere in your home, perhaps in a dresser drawer or desk organizer. You can always bring these things along with you if the occasion calls for it, but there’s no need to constantly carry them on your person.

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