Pick pocket Prevention - Tips for Safety

Posted by WalletBe on Jun 11th 2023

While pick pocketing is not a common crime in the United States, it is still a widely feared and popular one in many other countries, especially European ones. While our RFID blocking wallets are wonderful when it comes to protecting you from electronic theft, they cannot keep your credit cards and IDs safe if they are pick pocketed! Here are a few ways you can prevent becoming the victim of a pick pocket incident:

Stay Aware of the Situation

Always know where you are and who is around you. It can be almost impossible to choose who in the crowd of people might be a pick pocket, as they can look like anyone. However, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Groups - Pick pockets often work as a team where one or two people will distract you while another one lifts your wallet. If you see something attention-grabbing, keep an eye out, as a pick pocket might be moving through the crowd.
  • Children - Yes, even kids can be pick pockets. Tourists never expect it, and the kids cannot be punished too severely. Stay alert even when kids are around.
  • Well-dressed - Pick pockets rarely ever look poor. They do their best to fit in with their environments so they don’t set off anyone’s internal red flag.

Know the Target Spaces

Pick pockets generally choose to work in the same sorts of places, including:

  • Tourist attractions - Tourists generally carry a lot of cash and valuables on them, which makes them great targets. These areas are also often busy with high traffic, meaning it’s common for people to bump into one another.
  • Public transportation - buses, subways, and trains often force people to stand closely to one another, making you the perfect target for pick pocketing.
  • Restaurants and bars - Those who are dining typically aren’t paying attention to their items and are paying attention to their food instead.
  • Hotel lobbies - When you arrive at your hotel, you may be trying to balance your luggage and other items. This makes you an easy target if a pick pocket can divert your attention.

How to Prevent Being Pick pocketed

If you want to avoid becoming the victim of pick pocketing, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Be alert and direct - Don’t be afraid to keep your distance from a stranger who seems to be up to no good. Most thieves don’t think you will risk making a scene, so they are confident they can get away with it.
  • Don’t keep too much on you at once - The less you keep in your wallet, the less of a problem it will be if it does happen to get stolen. Do your best to keep just one credit card, one form of ID, and a small amount of cash in your wallet. Keep a backup card in your hotel just in case your wallet does get lifted!
  • Use a front pocket wallet - Your wallet can still get taken from a front pocket, but this is much more difficult for a pick pocket to do. If not a front pocket, try to use a jacket with an internal pocket that will be almost impossible to reach.

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