Never Give a Wallet Without Money Inside

Never Give a Wallet Without Money Inside

Posted by WalletBe on Apr 13th 2024

Superstitions offer a fun, if not slightly strange, outlook on the world. In fact, there are many superstitions about money. Like most of these notions, their origin is hard to seek out, but we do know a couple of things about the origin of the tradition of giving a wallet with a silver coin inside as a sign of good luck. Like most of these, they aren’t carried on because they’re actually believed to have the kind of power it claims to have, but more so out of tradition or as considered as a form of etiquette. As a wallet maker, we thought we might shed some light on what exactly this tradition is, and a guide to performing it correctly.

Choosing The Coin

Lucky coins hold a lot of history behind them. We’re sure you can call to mind an old cowboy movie where either the protagonist and sometimes the antagonist, have lucky coins that give them strength and determination during the climax of the story. The most popular example is probably Harvey Dent from the Batman universe. He’s known for his silver coin that’s burnt on one side and squeaky clean on the other, reflective of the villain himself. You might consider how these people chose these coins, it’s safe to assume that it was based on one of these factors: it was minted in a special year, a certain country, found during a special time in their life, or holds some special insignia or design.

Coin In Your Wallet Trends

You’ll find a recent trend among ancient coin collectors who are collecting and regarding Medusa coins as lucky coins. While giving one of these as a token for someone’s wallet may be somewhat extravagant, the ideology behind it is fascinating. The Medusa coins depict a beautiful young woman on one side and the hideous gorgon on the other. She is often placed on the coin in her full glory, her tongue sticking out, teeth showing, with laughing eyes, and, of course, snakes for hair. This coin has come to represent several interesting things. It’s supposed to protect against unwanted transformation, a ripoff of the original Medusa myth. Some even regard it as a protection against rape, as she is widely viewed as the ancient interpretation as the aftermath of such a traumatic event.

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