Men’s Original RFID Front Pocket Wallet

Posted by WalletBe on Apr 13th 2024

When it comes to finding the perfect men’s RFID wallet, we know how challenging it can be. First, you need to find a wallet that matches your aesthetic. It not only needs to be classic, timeless, and durable, but it also needs to have RFID protection in order to keep your personal information safe from identity theft. That’s why we know our men's Original Front Pocket Walletis the perfect wallet to match your needs.

Classic Wallet, Advanced Technology

We at WalletBe know that our classic men’s Original RFID Front Pocket Wallet is popular because of its sleek appearance and durability. The classic wallet design, plus built-in RFID protection makes for the best of the best! The Men’s Original RFID Front Pocket Wallet was the first wallet we ever designed and produced, and it exploded in popularity. Today, over twenty years later, it remains as popular as ever.


This efficient, small wallet is made from durable, vegetable-tanned leather, without the use of harsh chemicals.  In fact, this leather gets better with age. You can be sure that material this strong and will hold up for years to come. We recommend holding 6-9 credit cards. It features an inner ID sleeve that will keep your ID card protected, yet easy to access - just flip your wallet open to access. Our incredible and innovative design protects each individual credit card and prevents anything from damaging the magnetic strips. This wallet works best as a front pocket wallet due to the slim design - it fits comfortably in your front pocket without creasing or bending. Regardless of whether you’re wearing jeans or slacks, place the wallet in your front pocket or back, we guarantee that this wallet will not disappoint.

The Interior

Not only can this wallet hold 9+ credit cards, but it also has an inner elastic pouch that can be used to hold additional cards, business cards, or whatever else you need. It also includes an elastic band for holding and organizing your cash. And, of course, the ID protection on the inside will keep your identity safe, yet your ID card easy to access whenever needed. One of the features that owners of this wallet love most is that it only expands to about half an inch thick, even when it’s full - meaning that this leather wallet is perfect for travel or everyday use and comfort.

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When it comes to men's RFID Front Pocket Wallets, no company can quite compete with WalletBe. This classic wallet is an effortless choice when it comes to keeping track of your credit cards, cash, and ID. Of course, after purchasing an RFID wallet for the man in your life, be sure to find one of our RFID women’s wallets as well. Everyone you care about should have the ability to protect their credit card and personal identification information effortlessly.

Enjoy the following about this unique and classic wallet:

  • Designed to fit comfortably in your front pocket
  • No creasing of your pants
  • Inner ID Sleeve
  • Compact and Ultra-Thin
  • Handmade with 100% leather
  • Holds up to 9 Credit Cards
  • Helps Reduce Back-Pocket Discomfort
  • No Metal/Hand Finished Italian Leather
  • Protects Magnetic Strips on Credit Cards
  • Colors: Black
  • Actual Size: 4 x 2-5/8
  • RFID protected