Leather Ultra-Thin Passport Cover RFID

Leather Ultra-Thin Passport Cover RFID

Posted by WalletBe on Apr 14th 2024

Welcome to WalletBe! We are your number one online retailer when it comes to high-quality wallets that you can trust. Not only are our wallets used for organization, but they are also perfect for protecting your information from thieves. The RFID protection that our wallets can provide limit what thieves are able to steal. This is particularly important as you travel; no one wants to deal with identity theft while thousands of miles from home! That is why we proudly offer our RFID Leather Passport Cover! This leather passport cover is perfect for the world traveller, much like yourself.

The RFID Leather Passport Cover

This passport cover has the ultimate defense against identity theft: RFID protection. This will prevent any unwanted scanners from lifting your information and using it to steal your identity. That’s right - thieves no longer need to actually pickpocket you to steal your information. They can scan the info without ever touching you. If the RFID capabilities are not enough, this passport cover is also made from hand finished Italian leather in all your favorite, classic colors. While this cover will work to protect your information, it also makes pulling your passport out easy whenever needed. Its small, convenient size makes it easy to slip into any pocket or purse.

Traveling in Style and Safety

Many times, when you’re shopping for a wallet or passport holder of some kind, you might look solely for aesthetics. You might be asking yourself, “How stylish is this wallet, and how will it fit with my specific needs?” The best news is, with WalletBe, you never need to sacrifice style for security. Italian leather and bold color combine to match your personality and give you the look you want. Whether you are looking for a passport cover or a wallet to transport everything else while you travel, WalletBe is the only place that makes sense.


You will love these features in our RFID Leather Passport Cover:

  • Contains RFID technology to keep your information protected
  • Thin and compact design allows easy travel and convenience
  • Contains inner clear cover holders to ensure that your passport stays in one place
  • Easy to quickly insert passport or remove
  • Made from hand finished Italian leather for both durability and style
  • Comes in classic, yet bold colors: Black, Red, Blue, Whiskey
  • Measures: 5 1/4” X 3 3/4” X 1/8”

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