Leather RFID Mini Purse

Posted by WalletBe on Jun 13th 2023


Identity theft and credit card information theft is no joking matter - it can lead to a bunch of issues that no one is ever prepared for. Thieves these days have figured out how to steal your information without ever touching your wallet or purse. Don’t let this happen to you! Women can protect their information with one of our RFID women’s wallets or with one of our RFID Mini Purses. Read on to learn more about our mini purse that can keep your information safe no matter where you go.

The RFID Mini Purse

Our RFID Leather Mini Purse is perfect for women who want to keep their credit cards protected from scanners. The WalletBe Mini purse is made from hand finished Italian leather, so there is no need to sacrifice style for functionality. It’s perfect for a night on the town, a vacation where you may want added security, and especially for everyday use. The size is just right to also hold larger smartphones, including iPhones and most Samsung and Android phones while still leaving plenty of space for your credit cards, makeup, cash, keys, and whatever else you may need to carry with you.

We understand many do not want to carry a large bag and are seeking something lightweight but functional which is why we offer such a secure bag in a reasonable size. This purse features many compartments and zippered pouches to keep you both organized and secure. You will be able to access whatever you need quickly and effortlessly.


  • RFID Technology - This technology will prevent thieves from stealing your credit card information or harming the magnetic strips on the back of your cards.
  • Mini Purse with versatile shoulder and wristlet straps - The size and versatility makes this the perfect purse for going out or everyday wear. Carry around your wrist for security, over your shoulder or crossbody for comfort. Can likely wear around your waist as well.
  • Holds all popular Sized Phones - No matter what phone you carry, we guarantee that it will fit inside. No need to fret about your phone not fitting in your bag! Feel free to throw on that dress without the pockets and know that your phone is still secure.
  • Hand Finished Pebbled Italian Leather - WalletBe uses only the highest quality materials to make our products. You never need to sacrifice durability and fashion for security.
  • 6 Inner Credit Card Slots - You will have space to hold your credit cards, ID cards, and whatever else you may need without having to use a wallet.
  • Center Divider for Organization - Don’t let your items become a jumbled mess in your purse. Use our divider to keep everything tucked neatly into place.
  • Room for makeup, keys, etc. - With the center divider and built-in credit card slots, the rest of the purse gives you the space you need to hold your other essentials for whenever you leave your home.
  • Inner Zippered Compartment for Cash and Receipts - Keep your items secure and organized with extra compartments that are easily accessed.
  • Large Outer Zippered Compartment - If you need quicker access to something, utilize this large pocket to keep it within reach at all times.
  • Colors: Black, Red and Tan Sandstone - Choose the style that fits you best!
  • Measures: 8” X 5.25” X 0.75” - The perfect size for all occasions.

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At WalletBe, we believe in providing RFID women’s wallets that have been made from the finest of materials without sacrificing security. We know that we can provide you with whatever you need, including smaller RFID wallets for both men and women. Shop our collection today to find something that fits your specific needs. We look forward to helping you protect yourself!