How An RFID Blocking Wallet Can Help You

Posted by WalletBe on May 13th 2024

Modern technology is a wonderful thing, but it can sometimes be our worst enemy. The data kept in your wallet at all times is enough for someone to snag your credit card information and possibly even steal your identity! How can they do this? These thieves can steal your information by using something called radio frequency identification, also known as RFID. Because of this problem, companies like ours have begun creating RFID blocking wallets that are the only way to guarantee that your information stays safe while you are carrying your IDs and credit cards.

Why Should You Use an RFID Blocking Wallet?

Most credit cards and debit cards these days have RFID chip technology. This makes sense, as these chips are a great way to read and store important data. You no longer have to swipe a card through a reader; instead, it can be read just by waving your information in front of an RFID scanner. This is extremely convenient for the sake of speed and efficiency, but it can also be dangerous. Some people know how to build/obtain counterfeit readers, which can quickly collect your RFID information without you even knowing.

RFID blocking wallets have been designed specifically to prevent this sort of hacking from happening to you. Each wallet is equipped with an inner barrier shield that blocks electromagnetic data from being passed to the other side. We know that protecting your information is crucial to keeping you, your finances, and your identity safe. Be sure to shop for RFID blocking wallets that can fit your needs at WalletBe!

The Dangers of Identity Theft

Unfortunately, all aspects of your life can be severely affected when you become a victim to identity theft. Many victims have struggled regaining their identities after an identity thief has used their information. Whether it’s medical identity theft, theft to get a job, or to make large purchases on credit cards, victims have a lot to go through before they can feel a sense of normalcy return to their lives. Many are left battling these problems for years to come.

Shop WalletBe

You can protect your personal information and your information by storing your credit cards and IDs in an RFID blocking wallet. That’s why WalletBe is here to help you keep your information safe from potential thieves!  Be sure to fight inflation with WalletBe's value and keep your personal identification information safe.

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