An Organized Wallet is An Organized Mind

An Organized Wallet is An Organized Mind

Posted by WalletBe on Jun 13th 2023

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), they believe that our environments and our minds are inextricably connected. This ancient life approach may be more applicable than ever in a world filled with endless advertisements, hurried morning trips through the drive thru, and the pressure to be constantly connected through our smartphones. Our minds and environment have never been so at war. Fortunately, TCM teaches us that by cleaning and organizing our possessions and spaces, we can have healthier and happier minds. Our wallets are no exception to this rule.

The Impact of Disorganization

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine walking into a room stuffed to the gills with stacks of paper, clothes thrown around, and trash everywhere but the garbage can. Can you feel all of your muscles tense and your heart start racing? This is the typical physical stress response to a disorganized environment. In contrast, close your eyes and picture a pristine room with a place for everything and everything in its place. Can you feel the relief?

Your environment’s organization both reflects and affects your mind. If your mind is chaotic, your environment reflects that, and vice versa. Disorganization is stressful, while organization is calming. Organize your possessions and optimize your mind.

Your wallet represents the way you think about your money. Is your monthly budget unrealistic or nonexistent? Does your wallet overflow with receipts, crumbled cash, and business cards? TCM teaches us that these are connected. Change your wallet, change your frame of mind.

Wallet Organization Tips

Use Your Wallet Properly

You are at the cash register, and the clerk hands you a pile of bills and a handful of coins. Do you tend to shove it all into the bill holder to deal with later? Chances are, you always forget that you did this, and when you next open your wallet, coins go catapulting everywhere. At WalletBe, we design our wallets to have a place for everything you could need, so use them. Put your coins in your coin purse, your bills in your bill holder, and your cards in their respective slots.


Many people have disorganized wallets (and lives in general) because they can’t let go. Sure, that smoothie place turned out to be kind of a dud, but you can’t throw away their punch card because what if you do decide to go again? Believe us: you are never going to go again. Throw it out, along with all of the other stuff you have been hauling around that you don’t need. Having only a couple of cards and maybe some cash will make keeping your wallet and mind organized easy as pie.

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