5 Tips for Protecting Credit Card Information

Posted by WalletBe on Jun 2nd 2023

These days, using credit cards is a more popular payment method than ever. One TSYS survey found that 40 percent of people prefer paying by credit card, while 35 percent preferred debit cards and a mere 11 percent preferred cash. Given the growing popularity of paying by card and the decreasing popularity of cash, credit card security is more important than ever. It is shockingly easy for thieves to steal your information from you, particularly if you have not taken steps to protect yourself from them. Fortunately, by using caution and common sense, you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of credit card fraud.

Carry With Care

The first step to protecting your credit card information is protecting the physical card. Some credit card users are quite careless with them, carrying them loose in a bag or pocket without the security of a wallet. This is unwise because it makes it that much easier to lose, giving someone the perfect crime of opportunity when you drop it on the street. Keep your wallet secured in a wallet to avoid this problem. Even if you prefer to travel light and want to avoid a bulky wallet, you can shop WalletBe for ultra-thin credit card wallets.

Mind Your Mail

Credit card thieves do not have to be high-tech about their endeavors; if they intercept your mail, they have everything they need to access your credit card information. If your home mailbox leaves your mail open to thieves, consider sending new credit cards to a PO box or your place of work. If you are planning on going out of town, make sure someone you can trust can pick up your mail for you. Additionally, make sure to dispose of any credit card statements in a safe manner, as thieves often rifle through trash to find information that will help them access your account and steal your identity. Shred credit card statements before you throw them away.

Don’t Overshare

These days, it’s not just celebrities leading very public lives; with the advent of social media, people have information about themselves accessible with the click of a button. Unfortunately, this makes it easier than ever for criminals to know enough about you to access your credit card information. Many crooks surmise your security questions or passwords from information that you have put out online, so be cautious about what you post. Think about your passwords and security questions and whether the answers are easily accessible online.

Keep on Top of Your Accounts and Credit

Unfortunately, you cannot always avoid credit card theft, as evidenced by numerous retail security breaches including the recent Equifax breach. Fortunately, the Fair Credit Billing Act protects cardholders from being responsible for fraudulent charges; however, you are responsible for detecting these unauthorized charges and reporting them. This means it is essential to keep on top of the activity of your account, keeping track of each charge.

Additionally, it is in your best interest to check your credit report to ensure that no one has used your identity to open any accounts in your name. If you see an account that you did not open, contact both the issuer and credit reporting agency to dispute it. Checking your credit score may also help you identify identity theft if there is an unexplained drop. You can check your credit report for free once annually.

Invest in an RFID-Blocking Wallet

Unfortunately, thieves have taken full advantage of the popularity of credit cards by adopting RFID technology. With the use of a scanner, these criminals can acquire your credit card information without even touching your wallet. Fortunately, at WalletBe, we offer a variety of RFID Blocking Wallets that will protect your information from this technology. When you use an RFID-blocking wallet from WalletBe, you can rest assured that you are doing everything in your power to protect your credit card from fraud. Shop our RFID wallets here today!