5 Reasons Wallets Make The Best Gifts

Posted by WalletBe on Jan 18th 2024

Wallets are a great gift and we aren't just saying that because we sell them. A wallet is the kind of gift you can give that offers that warm and fuzzy feeling for both you and the recipient. It’s affordable and easy to get a really high-quality amazing piece that doesn’t break the bank, but nobody you’re giving a wallet to has to know that fact. As far as they’re concerned you spent $300 dollars on this wallet and it’s better than a Louis Vuitton. They’re always a solid choice unless of course, that person for sure got a new wallet last year, then perhaps it’s appropriate to refrain.

1. It’ll Last

Wallets are in it for the long haul. It’s something a person is going to have for years to come. A leather wallet on average will last about 2 to 3 years. Because of their durability, people will often hold onto a wallet way past its expiration date. Which means that whoever you’re thinking needs one, almost certainly does. The above estimation means that in 2 or 3 years you’re going to have another gift for them covered because that old one they have that's been a trusty reminder of your awesome gift giving skills is now officially worn out. So mark the date you give this gift so that you don’t have to figure something out for them again.

2. It’s Personal

As previously mentioned, this is a gift that, all jokes aside, is going to create a substantial bond. Whoever you're giving this landmark gift to they are going to probably associate you with this accessory they’ll be carrying for a long time. As the wallet treats them well and holds up to its full expectations, it will become a sort of symbol of your enduring relationship. It’s the type of gift you give to someone you’re hoping to forge a strong bond with.

3. It’ll Be of Relative Ease to Choose

Since it is a such a personal object, it can be a worrisome purchase to make for someone else. But there is a litany of guides on what you’ll need to look for depending on the person. There are several kinds of wallets, and narrowing down that kind might seem daunting, but it will probably be the easiest part. You’ll want to see what kind of wallet they’re using currently. You’ll notice that people are often set in their ways, so if they have a classic men’s credit card case wallet or a men’s bi-fold wallet there’s a really high chance that they use that style for a reason, so use that as your guide. As far as color, use their traditional palate as a guide. If you don’t see this person very often, black is a safe choice. Black is the most versatile neutral and can be both bold and subtle depending on what it’s paired with.

4. Traveling Options

If you know that the person you’re purchasing a gift for intends to travel soon, or travels on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to provide them with a travel wallet. They’re generally defined as wallets designed to protect from thievery, a particularly useful option for those who travel abroad, or a wallet that doubles as a passport holder as well. Purchasing an incognito case for their passport can almost always be a great gift for a traveler because you’re essentially helping protect their ability to come back home, which is huge. As a side note, when giving this passport holder, be sure to warn them that they do not want to carry it on their person, as pick-pocketing is rampant all over Europe and anywhere abroad. Other practical travel gifts include RFID wallets that are capable of protecting your debit card’s chip from financial information getting stolen.

5. Affordable

Giving a wallet doesn't mean you have to go into a luxury brand’s store and purchase something that will break the bank for the sake of your loved one. As you might suspect, luxury brands offer the same thing a regular quality brand offers, in the same materials and at the same production standards, if not sometimes above, but at a much more reasonable price point. The only thing they offer is a name on the wallet which can sometimes look tacky and be a turn-off for whoever you’re giving the wallet to. It’s better to choose a wallet from a great manufacturer that will satisfy the needs of your loved one. So choose a wallet in the $30 to $60 range rather than the $250 to $600 range.

Wallets can truly be the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season. It’s a personalized, affordable and fun to pick out. If you’re looking for a great gifting experience choose WalletBe and give an item they’ll always associate with longevity and with the giver. Browse our accessoriesmen's and women's wallets, and travel gear today!