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Posted by WalletBe on Jan 27th 2024

If you’ve just purchased a new wallet, especially one of our fabulous models, you’re probably terribly in love with it and can’t imagine a world without it. Your next question is: how can I make my beloved currency toting companion last as long as possible. To be on the safe side, you should know that a leather wallet is only going to last around 2 to 3 years, but that depends entirely on how you treat it. If you’re taking it out back and beating it with a wet rope, or maybe even picking at it absentmindedly, your little buddy won’t be kicking for real long. There are, however, certain precautions you can take to make sure your new product lasts as long as possible.

These tips will apply to all leather products, so even those chaps you like to dress up in once a year for Halloween can benefit from these.

1. If it Gets Wet

Don’t panic, it’s still skin. Cured and treated skin that was most likely dyed, but still a type of skin, so it’s mostly used to water. Just be sure not to speed dry the product. This will change its chemical structure and then it’ll be stiff, gross, and crinkling in protest whenever you open your wallet. So if you’re in Hawaii on vacation and you drop it in that fresh blue water, it’s okay, just let it chill and air dry.

2. Target The Shiny

In your time with your new wallet, you may at some point, buy a leather cream for maintenance purposes. There are around 28k leather cream options on Amazon and you might have to try a few before you’ll find the right one. If you’re trying a new cream, go for the shiniest bit that’s still relatively unseen, this will give you a sense of how it reacts with the leather without potentially upsetting the equilibrium by jumping in too soon with a new product.

3. Find a Protectorant

Stains don’t look too cute on anything, so why would you want one your new wallet? Find a fabric shield, it’ll basically make it so the stains won’t penetrate your leather, so they’ll come out easier. Be careful of discoloration which can occur with some shields;test a small amount on the inside lining just to be sure.

4. The Sun, It Burns Us

It’s not actually going to burn your leather up but it’s going to age it just like it ages your skin. Those people whose skin already looks like a leather bag are just an example of what the sun can do. So while the sun isn’t going to render your wallet unrecognizable, it will turn your wallet into a cracked, dried out heap.

5 Keep it Clean

Leather is known as a very durable material. But those previously mentioned stains will occasionally try and ruin your look, a lot like the coffee spot on your white shirt. If it does get a spot of dirt on it, use an all in one cleaner. As with all of the suggested substances, it’s best to test it before going for the rest of your leather wallet. You can use some laundry detergents as well, use a damp cloth and gently scrub for a bit before it fades, then wipe away the excess and the water.

6. It’s Not Meant For Your Back Pocket

Believe it or not, it’s not recommended to put that fancy, genuine leather wallet in your back pocket. This should be easy since our wallets are pretty slim. But, if you find the need, do reconsider. That premium leather is not made to have your average 180lb man sitting on it for 8 hours, it’s durable, but everything has its limits.

7. Don’t Stretch It out

If you can fit your fist in your mouth, you’ll notice that once you’ve removed said fist, your mouth, thankfully, returns back to its normal shape. Your leather wallet is not a mouth, so don’t try and fit your fist, tennis balls, three years of coupons, or anything else that will stretch it out. Leather will stretch but it has no natural elasticity so it’s not going to slim back down. Just keep that in mind before you pop the 18-five-dollar gift cards from this holiday season in there.

8.Putting it Away

If you’re thinking that by shoving your wallet in a closet for a year you’re going to dodge the ravages of time, you’re wrong. Leather goods can actually get damaged while sitting in that dark closet of yours. To combat this, you might invest in some conditioning cream to make sure your leather remains soft and supple and avoids becoming cracked and damaged. The other part of the storage equation: don’t use plastic bags. We know it’s weird, but if you’ve ever seen a designer bag in its package, it’s held in a cloth bag because it doesn’t damage the material. Plastic is going to suck the moisture and life out of your leather.

With these tips, you should be all set to keep your wallet as young and fresh as you are. Your beloved new purchase should be able to go the distance at your side. Interested in another handy-dandy genuine leather companion? Check out our accessories and travel pieces to add to your collection. If you have any inquiries, be sure to contact us!