WalletBe eGift Certificates Now Available New 2015 Wallet Designs Recharge your life with the new WalletBe Power Bank Finally, Ergonomic Design Meets Style: the WalletBe Cell Phone Purse. Essentially Perfect: the WalletBe Original Front Pocket Wallet. WalletBe Original Front Pocket Wallets Perfectly Combining the Features of an ID Wallet With a Front Pocket Design: the Money Clip Wallet.
Best Selling Women's Wallets
  • Womens Smartphone RFID Wallet
    Smartphone RFID Wallet Description
  • Womens Cash-Card-Coin Accordion Leather Wristlet Wallet
    Cash-Card-Coin Wallet Description
  • Womens Smartphone Leather Accordion
    Smartphone Wallet Description
  • Womens Leather Cell Phone Accordion Purse
    Cell Phone Purse Description
Best Selling Men's Wallets
  • Mens 2-in-1 Bifold RFID Wallet
    2-in-1 Bifold RFID Wallet Description
  • Mens Original Front Pocket Leather ID Wallets
    Front Pocket Wallet Description
  • Mens Zip Around Front Pocket Leather Wallets
    Zip Around Front Pocket Wallet Description
  • Mens Ultra Thin Leather Money Clip Wallets
    Thin Money Clip Wallet Description
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WalletBe®: A Family Company

We've been selling unique, creative, efficient, and compact wallets for over a decade. During that time, we've had many conversations, posts, and tweets with our customers where they tell us how our wallets stand apart not just from a typical wallet company but from the most popular brand names in the world. We designed our wallets to be compact and portable yet efficient. We designed them for everyday utility but with a sense of elegance. We knew we were sourcing the best leather and offering unmatchable prices.

So, as a result, we researched brand name competitors ourselves comparing the quality and features of our wallets to theirs. It was an enlightening experience for us and we hope it is as enlightening for you.


Style. Smart designs. Lifestyle convenience. Affordability.

WalletBe® designs and handcrafts unique and brilliantly styled wallets for men and women that fit in the palm of your hand, in your front pocket, or in your purse. And for those that want to keep the style but carry more of today's essentials, we also offer leather wallet purses, leather cell phone purses, as well as other stylish cell phone and smartphone wallets.

Each of our wallets is made of either high grade Italian leather (which we source ourselves), microfiber, or brushed aluminum, and come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Choose from wristlets, billfolds , ID wallets , 2-in-1's, passport wallets , and a whole lot more. They are designed to be compact and efficient yet they hold and store more than you would ever think possible. They were designed with your lifestyle in mind whether for every day use, a night out, or a weekend adventure in the mountains.

Millions of people just like you own a WalletBe®. Isn't it time you own one, too?