RFID Phone Case Wallet For iPhone 6/6s

RFID Phone Case Wallet For iPhone 6/6s

Posted by WalletBe on Apr 27th 2017

WalletBe is your number one online wallet retailer! We are proud to offer only the best in RFID protection wallets that also are made from the highest quality materials. Durability, security, convenience, and style can all be yours when you shop the wallets and purses at WalletBe! The RFID protection that our wallets can provide limit the information that thieves can lift. This is particularly important when you travel or go out, as modern technology allows thieves to steal your information without ever attempting to pickpocket you. You may have your information stolen without ever losing your credit cards or ID!

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When it’s time to go out on the town at night, we know you only want to bring the essentials. You need your phone, your ID, and maybe a credit card or two and some cash. What else do you need when you’re keeping it simple? Well, a little RFID protection never hurts! This wallet is perfect for either women or men, and it has the technology you need to protect your credit cards from unwanted scanners. This case, made from hand finished top grain leather, has been designed to be a wallet and phone case in one. This makes it convenient, secure, and perfectly functional for the person on the go! Our smartphone case wallet holds everything you need! And with the variety of colors available, including black, red, purple, cognac, and taupe, we know that you’ll find one that matches your style exactly.

Don’t Risk Your Safety

While having everything you need on hand is convenient, it is also important to protect everything that you have on hand. Thieves these days are able to steal your information without ever touching you or even rigging the machines that you use. Our RFID front pocket wallets and other items were designed with special blocking material in the lining of the wallets. This keeps them feeling soft, supple, yet still secure! You won’t know the difference from your everyday wallet.


You don’t want to miss out on the following amazing features of our RFID Phone Case Wallet for iPhone 6/6s:

  • RFID technology to protect your information
  • Fits iPhone 6, 6s for your convenience
  • Hard case protects phone from cracking in the event that the phone is dropped
  • Top grain leather for smooth texture
  • 2 quick access credit card slots
  • Inner ID slot for privacy and convenience
  • Long side slot for cash
  • Easy open/close magnetic security flap
  • Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Cognac and Two-tone Taupe
  • Measures: 2.88" x 4.06" x 0.5"

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