Men’s 2 Slot Money Clip

Men’s 2 Slot Money Clip

Posted by WalletBe on May 24th 2017

When it comes to carrying around a wallet, some people just don’t want to. They can be bulky, irritating, and get in the way of moving effortlessly from place to place. However, money clips may be just the solution a busy man with little to carry needs when navigating through life. That’s why we at WalletBe proudly offer this Men’s 2 Slot Money Clip—simple, elegant, and made of the finest materials.

About the Money Clip

Whether you prefer to carry a classic black wallet or a timeless brown, the inherently elegant look of this leather wallet is sure to meet even the highest expectations. The WalletBe® Ultra Thin Leather Money Clip Wallet was made from genuine, hand-finished leather to ensure both durability and solid design. Not everyone has the time or space to carry all their belongings. With that in mind, this wallet was designed for the man who wants to carry only the bare essentials.

As one of the thinnest and most convenient money clips around, you can be sure that your items are securely protected—and you won’t be feeling as though you’re lugging around a huge, chunky wallet. The center slot holds your credit cards with the outer slot holds your ID. We designed this slot to have an easy push-pull design, so accessing your ID card quickly will be no issue. And, of course, the money clip on the outer edge keeps your cash easily accessible but still secure.


  • Ultra thin
  • Outer money clip
  • Outer ID
  • Fits in your front pocket
  • Genuine hand-finished Italian leather
  • Protects magnetic strips on credit cards
  • Lightweight and easy on the back
  • Colors: black, brown
  • Measures: 2 7/8 x 4 1/16 X 1/2

Looking for Extra Protection

Sometimes, a thin wallet just isn’t enough. While the convenience and lightweight material make it easy to carry, you may still be concerned about your security. We at WalletBe understand, which is why we pride ourselves on offering the finest in RFID protection wallets.

These wallets were designed to discourage thieves who never even lay a hand on you to steal your information. In fact, with scanners that can penetrate through the fabric of your wallet, thieves can steal your identity by snatching your credit card information. They can then use this information to make fraudulent purchases and ruin your credit. However, our RFID wallets block these signals from coming through and protect your informations from being stolen without your knowledge.

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If you would like to learn more about WalletBe’s slim, leather men’s wallets or our RFID technology, please check out our site today! You deserve to feel confident and free, regardless of what you need to carry with you. Whether you are on the go and need a lightweight wallet with only the essentials, or if you need to have all your information secured for a big trip, WalletBe is your one stop shop. You also deserve a wallet that will last you as long as you need. With WalletBe, our fine-crafted leather wallets will exceed your expectations. Be sure to shop today for a wallet of your own!