Remembering Your First Wallet

Remembering Your First Wallet

Posted by WalletBe on Jun 23rd 2016

Do you remember your first wallet? Like your first wristwatch or piece of jewelry, having your own wallet made you feel like an adult, even if you barely had any use for it. If you were like most children, you probably got one before you needed it for keeping money, which you were likely only just beginning to understand.

Maybe your first wallet was a gift. It might have had the logo of your favorite superhero emblazoned across it, or perhaps it came from a tourist gift shop when you were on vacation. The chance that it had Velcro is very high. Did you enjoy finding things to keep in all of the pockets and compartments? In the absence of money, you kept photos, pictures from magazines, and perhaps a colorful business card that your parents no longer needed safe and secure in your wallet.

Eventually, you grew up. You started to have money of your own, and that wallet became more useful than ever before. You actually had a reason to use it and take it places with you. And you still loved that wallet. You used it until it started to fall apart. Finally it was time for wallet number two.

Your second wallet was probably much more adult than your first. At this point you understood the convenience of having a back or front pocket wallet that was easy to carry. The Velcro and superhero motif was most likely exchanged for leather as your taste became more mature and discerning.

But all good wallets eventually come to an end. And while you may mourn the loss, you can also look forward to a future with a leather wallet that matches your needs even more closely. WalletBe has a huge variety of women’s and men’s leather wallets, including front pocket wallets, cell phone wallets, passport wallets, RFID blocking wallets, and much more. Shop our selection today!