What’s the Difference in Wallet Types?

Posted by WalletBe on Dec 9th 2016

We all know what a wallet is - a small case that’s used to carry items such as credit cards, cash, and identification. However, wallet companies all over the world (including WalletBe) have become creative with our wallets and designed new looks. It’s these designs that have turned wallets into a fa …
Where do Wallets Come From?

Where do Wallets Come From?

Posted by WalletBe on Dec 7th 2016

Wallets, billfolds, change purse - whatever your name for this everyday essential tool, we are certain that you’ve used at least one before! When it comes to finding the perfect everyday wallet, whether it’s a front pocket wallet or a clutch, WalletBe is the place to shop! We have everything you nee …

Pickpocket Prevention

Posted by WalletBe on Nov 2nd 2016

While pickpocketing is not a common crime in the United States, it is still a widely feared and popular one in many other countries, especially European ones. While our RFID blocking wallets are wonderful when it comes to protecting you from electronic theft, they cannot keep your credit cards and I …

How Can an RFID Blocking Wallet Help You?

Posted by WalletBe on Nov 2nd 2016

Modern technology is a wonderful thing, but it can sometimes be our worst enemy. The data kept in your wallet at all times is enough for someone to snag your credit card information and possibly even steal your identity! How can they do this? These thieves can steal your information by using somethi …

What to Wear for Ladies Night Out?

Posted by WalletBe on Aug 18th 2016

If you’re going out on the town with your best friends, you need to make sure you have the perfect outfit to wear! As wonderful as we are sure you look in your office attire, you might want to consider switching it up before your group heads downtown to the bars or to the comedy club. And, make sure …
What’s Your Wallet Style?

What’s Your Wallet Style?

Posted by WalletBe on Jul 13th 2016

Chances are, your wallet is a regular fixture in your day-to-day life. From smartphone wallets to passport carriers to accordion wallets to front pocket wallets to slim billfolds, there’s a type of wallet out there for every man and woman. Your own personal wallet style is something that you may hav …