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Travel Security Tips

At WalletBe, we love to see the world. With that being said, however, all it takes is one careless oversight to turn your dream vacation into a nightmare, especially when you’re travelling overseas. A lost plane ticket, a stolen phone, or misplaced hotel reservations are all stressful ways to spend your cherished time in what [...]

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Protect Your Personal Info With An RFID Blocking Wallet

You may have noticed that more and more credit cards are switching from magnetic strips to RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, chips. If you don’t already have at least one of these new cards in your wallet, you can be sure you’ll get one soon. And while RFID chips have been specifically designed to reduce [...]

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Tips For Cleaning Out Your Wallet

Is your wallet a clutter magnet, making you feel like everything on your disorganized desk is stuffed into one tiny billfold? Do you find yourself sitting at an angle because it’s so thick in your back pocket? Does stuff fall out of it every time you open it up? If you answered “yes” to any [...]

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Give Dad A Leather Wallet This Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching quickly, WalletBe would like to take this opportunity to appreciate dads everywhere.Dads, we thank you for always supporting us. You spent time throwing us pitches in the backyard, even when our batting average was .001. You taught us how to ride a bike, and you helped us understand that a painful [...]

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Need Help Finding That Wallet?

Did you lose your wallet? Man, that is the worst. Hmmmm...did you check your pockets? I’m sorry, of course you did. What did it look like? Was it one of those new RFID blocking wallets? I’d love to help you out because I’ve been there, and I hate the feeling of not knowing where my [...]

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Your Wallet Instruction Manual

Congratulations on your new leather wallet from WalletBe! While the majority of the wallet-buying population requires no instructions to start using and enjoying their new women’s or men’s leather wallet, we want your experience with our products to go above and beyond even your most optimistic expectations for your new wallet. So if you’re not sure how [...]

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