WalletBe Mens and Womens Wallets Handcrafted with the Finest Leather in the World


Handcrafted Mens Leather WalletsWe use the best leather in the world. Period. We dont use plastic or fake leather. And never would think to.

Each year, WalletBe studies existing and emerging fashion colors and incorporates the most exciting and popular ones into the designs of our mens wallets and womens wallets.

We manage the entire wallet design process which includes the type of leather we use. We use only the best leather in the world for our wallets which is commonly referred to as Italian leather. Our Italian leather is sourced in the United States from only the best hides.

Hides are not technically leather until after theyve been tanned. After we select the hides, we then ship them off to the Tuscan mountains of Italy where the best tanners in the world reside. Once the hides are tanned, they can then be referred to as Italian leather. The tanning process for WalletBe wallets is complex and requires our complete attention to detail. We make sure that the tanners match the exact seasonal colors weve chosen. In the past, our wallet colors have included, among so many others, Classic Black, Ferrari Red, Mahogany Brown, Ocean Blue, Purple, and Kelly Green. Some of our leather is two-toned – a light tone interior hand stitched together with a dark tone exterior  – which requires the Italian tanner to tan by hand – a true art. Its an artisan skill that only the Italian tanners in the Tuscan mountains know to do.

Once our Italian leathers have been produced, we bring them to our production plant where each wallet is assembled by hand. Each wallet that you purchase has been handcrafted!  – a major quality component that ensures durability.

Follow our blogs to learn more about WalletBe Mens and Womens wallets – the best designed wallets in the world that fit YOUR lifestyle . “The smaller wallet for smarter people.”

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