Comparison of The Best Men's and Women's Wallets 2014

In our many conversations, posts, and tweets, we are consistently asked what makes WalletBe's men's and women's wallets stand out from designer brands. The answer, to us, is simple. We source the Italian leather ourselves, design the wallets ourselves (most of them with our unique deep accordion) and then have them handcrafted to perfection. By controlling the process, we are able to pass along substantial savings in price. In addition, the color palette of our wallets is varied and a bit brighter and optimistic than most brands. That said, we thought that we would offer a direct comparison of WalletBe's wallets to the most popular brand name men's and women's wallets.

Comparing WalletBe® to the Most Popular Women's Brand Name Wallets, 2014

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Comparing WalletBe® to the Most Popular Men's Brand Name Wallets, 2014

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