Real Customer Reviews

Great Wallet
I have 5 different colored ones of these. Use one color or another everyday. Best wallets I have ever used. Now one of the little straps is broken. I think it is the green one. Is it possible to replace it? I see in your photo on the home page you show a long strap. Are these available? (Women's Leather Croco Accordion Wallet, Doublewide)

Carrol B.

best wallet ever
I have carried this model for about four years and would never own anything else and getting ready to order my son one. it is indestructible and still looks new (Men's Zipper Front Pocket Wallet, Outer ID)

b highland

Best Wallet!
I've been using WalletBe wallets for years - I'll never buy another brand or style again. The Cash-Card-Coin Accordian Wallet is my favorite, it holds everything and takes up very little space in my bag. I have purchased it in several colors to match all of my handbags and have purchased some as gifts also. LOVE this wallet! (Women's Cash Card Coin Accordion Wallet )


Best ever
I love this wallet. I like the lipstick sleeve and this new wallet has a pen holder which I am really happy about. Also this new one has a snap close coin area which I like better than the zipper, it is way quicker and easier to stash my coins and go. This is my second one. My first took 4 years of hard use and looked good until the nearly the end. I use it as a clutch for quick errands, over the shoulder for vacations and fun weekends, and jam it into my purse during the work week. (Women's Pebbled Leather Smartphone Accordion Wallet)


Great function, low weight, small purse "footprint"
I have been using this wallet for years. The compactness and function is perfect. The only thing missing is that there needs to be an RFID blocking one made. (Women's Ultra Thin Leather Wallet )


Outstanding Quality and Design - Purchasing My 2nd Wallet
The quality is superb and the design was well thought out. I am very happy they have not tried to improve the original design as it is the most functional wallet I have ever bought. My wife and daughters also have and love Walletbe products. (Men's Zipper Front Pocket Wallet, Outer ID)

Kevin H.

Nothing Else Compares!
I discovered WalletBe many years ago through a catalog order I placed with another company. I'd gotten the Microfiber Accordion. I loved it so much I immediately wanted another in a different color. What woman only has one wallet? WalleBe's logo plate was on the one I previously ordered and with a quick search I found their website. You only need to order your first to know you'll never buy another wallet from any other company! Today, I am buying my fourth wallet. Each has been different over the years but has met my unique style and needs. I absolutely love the Croco leather wallets! This new addition will most certainly not be my last! If you want style, luxury, ease of use and a wallet that lasts far longer than cheap imitations you will never go wrong with WalletBe! And the other wallets I've bought over the years...all still beautiful and perfectly intact as the day they arrived at my door! (Women's Cash Card Coin Accordion Wallet)

Mary B.

Favorite Wallet, Getting a New One
So my Aunt gave me this wallet for Christmas one year and I just tossed it aside. I was going through my belongings a year or two later and examined it once again, eh it's okay. Tossed it aside again. A year later I went through my belongings again and realized it was everything I wanted in a wallet. Zipper security, easily accessible cards you always use on the outside, easy to show your ID on the inside, and then it's real leather so it doesn't fade or anything and all my cards and money fit on the inside always. But my zipper maybe I'll just see if they can fix the zipper instead of getting a new one. (Men's Zipper Front Pocket Wallet, Inner ID)
Mason H.

I ordered the purple doublewide in October. I love it! Went back to Virignia with it for Thanksgiving and both my Mom and Aunt fell in love with it. Ordering a black and burgandy one for each as a Christmas gift! (Women's Leather Croco Accordion Wallet, Doublewide)

Well duh, love it
I have several WalletBe's and love them all and use them all. This one is the most practical, however, because it holds everything. The only thing I miss on this one is a slot on the outside to stash my coupons. On the smaller models, there is a slot behind the driver's license window that serves the purpose. (Women's Leather Cell Phone Accordion Wallet, Doublewide)
Susan H.

Just what I need
I needed something small and convenient for runs to the market and this fit the bill. There is room for license, coupons, paper money, and lots of coins! Neat ! (Women's 2 in 1 Leather Wallet)
Dayle H.

Had mine for 7 years and took it everywhere...finally ready to replace it, getting the same one of coarse! Best wallet ever, and I think it brings me good luck too! (Women's Leather Croco Accordion Wallet, Doublewide)
Ann H.

Excellent quality - Fits my Samsung!
Beautiful leather. Fits my Samsung Galaxy S4. Excellent design. Perfect size for going out for a walk & you don't want to carry a regular size purse. Very fast delivery to Canada. I love it! (Women's Pebbled Leather Smartphone Accordion Wallet)
Valerie M.

Great for shopping!
I admired a WalletBe of a friend and she swore by them five years ago. I am purchasing my fourth one and will never buy from anywhere else. Like so many others, I don't always carry a purse but just grab my WalleBe and go. When purchasing at a store, I don't pull out my i.d, but just show it through the sleeve. Also, I put the credit card I am going to use behind the i.d. Then when I am either swiping with it or handing it to someone, I don't even have to open the rest of the wallet. The credit card slips in and out quickly and efficiently, but never falls out. I miss the teal color and not fan of the green they have instead and like others, would lilke more color variety. Otherwise, they are perfect! (Women's Leather Cell Phone Accordion Wallet, Doublewide)
Diane M.

the perfect wallet
I have owned many a wallet this one blows the rest out of the water. The design is sleek and spacious perfect for every occasion . Thank you walletbe. (Women's Leather Croco Accordion Wallet, Doublewide)
Michelle S.

If you are worried about the price...Treat Yourself!!!! You won't be disappointed.
I just received my Ocean Blue WalletBe Double Wide Cell Accordion Croco wallet. The minute I opened the package I could smell the leather. The blue was darker than advertised, but I love it since it matches my blue lifeproof iphone 4/s case perfectly. I quickly transferred everything from my current wallet to my new walletbe. Everything fit perfectly (including my iphone in it's lifeproof case), and I have plenty of room to spare. It's bigger than a normal wallet or wristlet, but it's just right for a crossbody bag or clutch. I love being able to have my hands free and my personals safely guarded. It really does have plenty of room for all the necessities. It's great for having everything you need while running errands without having to carry a large bag. The only thing I do not like is the id pocket. There is a material to hide the id, but I would be happier if this was incorporated on the inside of the wallet instead. Not a deal breaker, just a thought for future models. I definitely want to come back for the black WalletBe Double Wide Cell Accordion Croco wallet. Please bring this back in black. (Women's Leather Cell Phone Accordion Wallet, Doublewide)
Happy Buyer

Walletbe Praised
After many years and many inferior products the man vs wallet war has finally ended. A visit to a UK charity shop has concluded my search for something to make a guys most precious things safe, his plastic and paper. Now, this shop knew not the value of that which it possessed and easily let its treasures go, for there were two little gems within, for a mere £1-99 each and in doing so resolved my daily annoyance of bulky, cheaply made wallets and where on earth to keep them on my person. Walletbe, you have found a life long fan and a new customer, if these ever fail me.! Praise Walletbe (Mens Zipper Front Pocket Wallet, Outer ID)
Stephen the Converted

Pouch Accordion Wallet review
I purchased this in brown and it is very soft and beautiful. It holds everything I need . It is handy and not heavy and the wrist strap makes it very safe to carry and not lose it. It is my regular everyday purse, I don't need a big one. I have owned Walletbee in the past, I have several plain little wallets I have had for years. So I am a big fan of Wallettbee. Best brand ever! (Women's Leather Pouch Accordion Wallet)
Candy Lee G.

FT New Jersey
This wallet is the best wallet I've ever owned. I spoke to a company rep. before buying and he was excellent. I am a male and didn't know if this could be used for me as well, he stated yes and he was right there is no difference. I plan on buying two more as gifts very soon. It is well made and very easy to use. (Women's Leather Accordion Wallet)
Frank T.

If it ain't broke don't fix it!
My husband loves his wallet and wore it out (over several years) so he was disappointed that when he ordered a new one, the plastic window on the ID holder is so tight he can barely slide his driver's license in. You can see that the plastic area has been reduced thus the difficulty. Rating: 5/5 (Mens Leather Original Front Pocket Wallet)
Mary S.

Got this as a it. Others love it too! Carry it in my front problem at all. Need one in black now. (Mens Leather Original Front Pocket Wallet)
James G. B.

original leather wallet
I got this wallet three years ago and it's still in great shape. Holds a lot without being bulky and the elastic money holder is perfect. (Mens Leather Original Front Pocket Wallet)
Buzz D.

Perfect Wallet for Me!
Love this wallet. Perfect size inside & out. Wish you would make it in regular leather as the Croco seems to show wear pretty fast. (Women's Leather Cell Phone Accordion Wallet, Doublewide)

I originally bought this wallet through QVC a few years ago as a buy two set. The two wallets lasted me for about 3 years as my only wallet. I have always hated large purses and discovering this was huge. When I went back to QVC for a replacement I was very sad to find they no longer carried the wallet. I found this website, but before I bought my replacement I ended up with a smartphone. Testing the size with my original wallet, I realized it wouldn't fit, so didn't buy. I am so happy find that issue has been changed with a larger sized version. However, I echo the other comments by saying that this needs to have a zipper pocket for coins. The only thing other than that I would like to suggest is to make matching purses for my tablet! While I was waiting for a larger version of the WalletBe I found a similar wallet (but not as great) that had a matching tablet bag and although I had to make some modifications by adding a long leather strap that I could use to make it over-the-body like the wallet, I have enjoyed the matching pieces. This would really be a popular item, I am quite certain. I know I'd be waiting in line to buy! (Women's Pebbled Smartphone Accordion Wallet)
Robyn F.

WalletBe customer forever!
I am a customer forever as I said in a previous email 6 wallets! I have had every style you offer. My fav is this one because it holds so much and it's chic looking so I no longer carry a purse. My first WalletBe wallet my mother purchased for me from QVC. I didn't know you had your own website at first. I purchased 2 more wallets after that from QVC. Then I came across your website out of desperation because QVC no longer carried the wallet. Well from there I purchased 3 more! Keep up the great work! Thanx again! (Women's Leather Cell Phone Accordion Wallet, Doublewide)
Carol S.

Almost perfect!
This purse is almost perfect. It has the ability to carry all of the necessities. I bought this after leaving my old purse in a toilet block as I had keys, phone, purse and 3 kids, and in the confusion of nappy changes and toddlers toileting, I left it behind. This solves all of my problems as everything is together. I have attached one of the clips from the shoulder strap I don't use to my keys so I can clip my keys to my purse too! I frequently get comments from sales staff when I pull out my purse to pay, everyone can see how useful and practical it is. My only issue is the coin purse - a zippered compartment that has a divider in it would make this absolutely perfect. I'd be buying it as a gift for every woman I know! (Women's Pebbled Leather Smartphone Accordion Wallet)
Jo J.

Love this wallet
I was lost in my efforts to find a replacement for this particular WalletBe. My first and only one was finally looking very worn after close to 7 years. I continued to look at the shopping networks for a replacement with no luck. I then went online to and thank you, thank you, I found what I needed. I'm so glad that I know where I can find the next replacement. Love the beautiful colors as well. (Women's Leather Billfold Wallet)
Eleanor P. M.

Love it
I received this as a gift (Women's Leather Cell Phone Accordion Wallet, Doublewide). I absolutely love this wallet. I only wish there were a few more colors to choose from because I would like another but I am not fond of most of these colors. That is just me though. It is so functional and everything I need in a wallet. Love that you also get the wrist-let strap and the over the shoulder strap.

Perfect Wallet
This is a great wallet, perfect for commuting so I don't have to carry a big purse. Holds just what I need and I use the ID window for my train pass so my hands are always free. Need to get it in black next. (Women's Leather Cell Phone Accordion Wallet, Doublewide)

walletbe's are the best!!
great quality, wonderfully designed, very user-friendly. (Womens Leather Cell Phone Accordion Wallet, Doublewide)
Doranne L.

love this would like to order it but it says it is out of stock
when will this be back in stock please email me with a date thank you! (Womens Pebbled Leather Smartphone Accordion Wallet)
Debra S.

The Best Wallet by far
I have owned this wallet for 10! yes! 10 years. I am now replacing it because I stuffed to much in the front of it and it ripped. For the last month or so I have taped it, put a hair tie around it. I just could not remember where I bought it. Then my 6 yr old Grandson read the wallet brand name to me. (Womens Leather Accordion Wallet)
Rita F.

doublewide cell phone wallet
This wallet is more than I expected. It is light weight and perfect to hang on my wrist for shopping. I have had my purse stolen twice, once out of my shopping cart and once because I left it in the shopping cart. I now carry my wallet on my wrist. The one I had before I couldn't carry my checks or hardly anything else and it was verry heavy. The key snap also ripped off. Love this wallet. the only down side was I ordered the key fob and they sent me the key chain wallet which was $3.00 cheaper than what I was billed for. I called them today and they need to call me back. I would buy from them again. 5 stars.
Pat B.

I would like to see
I would like to see built in protection to keep someone from scanning the information on the credit cards. (Womens Pebbled Leather Smartphone Accordion Wallet)
Barbara J.

Awesome nice and durable I like it (Passport Wallets)
Stephanie W.

Just received the double wide accordion wallet on Friday (ordered in Ferrari Red) and it is AMAZING!
Love this wallet to pieces.. Lots of credit card holders inside; the wrist strap and the cross body strap are both priceless; the paper money holder section is more than adequate and I love having a change compartment on the back. I have a large smartphone (Verizon's Nokia 822) and it fit in the phone slot with lots of room to spare! I can now order a case for it since I know it will still fit inside. This style will fit large smartphones like Galaxy S3 perfectly. If you're on the fence about ordering one of these wallets, go ahead - you will not be disappointed! Worth every penny and then some. Excellent quality leather, stitching, zipper, etc. Functional and fashionable. Every detail for use was well thought out. WAY better than expected and I'm one very happy customer! Thank you WalletBe for the perfect wallet for me :D

Satisfied customer
Very satisfied customer. Received the wallet this weekend. This is the first wallet I've owned where I have a place for everything without it being bulky. Hope it last for a long time.

High Quality and We Love Them
I purchased one of your smartphone accordion wallets 3 years ago, and was then forced to purchase 2 more - 1 for my mom and 1 for my sister. We're all still using them - they're obviously high quality and we love them!!!
Deborah K. Byrd

iPhone Fits Perfectly
Yay! Teal is my favorite color so it's perfect! And my iphone fits perfectly.
Sherri Koster

Loved It So Much I Bought Another
Got my first WalletBe from QVC. I loved it so much I bought another for a "spare"....didn't know if they would sell them again. lol. I have had many people comment on my WalletBe glad I found your website for 'referrals,lol. Thanks WalletBe for a great product that wears like iron....I won't need that 'spare" soon,lol.....
Christy Schroeder

Best Wallet I Have Ever Owned
I have had a walletbe for about 5 years now. It is the best wallet I have ever owned, I love it. The zipper on the side for my change has broken. I have made it known to all my grown children that mom needs a new wallet, not just any wallet but a NEW WALLETBE........ :) PS love the new styles and colors.
Melinda Roberts

Only Purse I Carry
I have 3 of these. They are the only purse I carry. There is room for everything that I would need.
Carol Baker

Perfect Size, Great Color
Well, I got my bronze smartphone walletbe in just a few days. I LOVE IT! perfect size, great color. Plus is has the Walletbe quality. thanks
Melinda Roberts

Love This Wallet (Womens Leather Billfold ID Wallet)
Love Love Love this Walletbe!!! Since I found and purchased this wallet 2 years ago I'm hooked and will never purchase anything else. It hold all my cards, receipts, & bills. Each year I get a new one, not because the wallet has worn out but just to have a new color. Please don't ever stop making this product. It's the best wallet ever.

AT LAST! A PERFECT WALLET (Womens Cash Card Coin Wristlet Wallet)
I discovered this excellent wallet several years ago and have used it continuously ever since. It still looks like new and functions perfectly. I NEVER want to be without this PERFECT wallet again!
Irene K.

Excellent product (Womens Leather Smartphone Accordion Wristlet Wallet)
This wallet /cell phone wallet is awesome.I recently purchased the iphone 5 and an Otterbox Defender case. I soon realized after that my new Iphone did not fit in ANY of my phone compartments in any of my purses. When I put my phone in my purse, I CAN'T hear it. I went shopping at many local stores for a new purse w/ a phone compartment that would fit w/ no luck I turned to the internet and walletbe. Whatya know, it fit...
J. Smith

Won't be without it (Womens Leather Cell Phone Accordion Wristlet Wallet)
I bought a similar item from ebay for about half the price. It was made cheep and had a terrible smell that did not go away. The walletbe is made very well and holds everything I need for everyday running around. I ordered black but will go back for more colors. LOVE IT!
Vickie L.

Perfect (Cell Phone Wallet Purse)
I am glad that I purchased this wallet. Not only is practical but excellent quality. When I carry this wallet I feel like carrying a more expensive piece. On the market, designers have the high prices but still can not match this wallet's function and beauty. I will be buying more in other colors for my wardrobe and for family gifts.

Cool (Passport Wallets)
Awesome nice and druable I like it
Stephanie W.

This wallet is more than I expected (Cell Phone Wallet Purse)
It is light weight and perfect to hang on my wrist for shopping. I have had my purse stolen twice, once out of my shopping cart and once because I left it in the shopping cart. I now carry my wallet on my wrist. The one I had before I couldn't carry my checks or hardly anything else and it was verry heavy. The key snap also ripped off. Love this wallet. the ly down side was I ordered the key fob and they sent me the key chain wallet which was $3.00 cheaper than what I was billed for. I called them today and they need to call me back. I would buy from them again. 5 stars.
Pat B.

The Best Wallet by far (Womens Leather Accordion Wallet)
I have owned this wallet for 10! yes! 10 years. I am now replacing it because I stuffed to much in the front of it and it ripped. For the last month or so I have taped it, put a hair tie around it. I just could not remember where I bought it. Then my 6 yo Grandson read the wallet to me.
Rita F.

walletbe's are the best!! (Cell Phone Wallet Purse)
great quality, wonderfully designed, very user-friendly.
Doranne L.

Very Handy (Mens... and Womens... Leather Money Clip Wallet)
I had this, but was using the 'original front pocket' wallet instead, so my wife took it to use when we go out and about. She doesn't usually carry a purse, so she uses the money clip feature to clip it inside her front jeans pocket to hold it securely. She reallys like knowing that her wallet is secure, and it is the only wallet she will use now. I just bought her this inner ID one, because the one I had has the outer ID, and would not use it because she did want people to see her ID unnecessarily. For myself, I prefer the original front pocket wallet.
Timothy O.

Finally found the perfect wallet (Leather Cell Phone Wallet Purse, with Wristlet)
I got my purple WalletBe a couple years ago for Christmas. I absolutely love it! I've been using it ever since the day I got it! It's perfect if you're on the run and don't want to bring out your big purse! I want to buy another one soon to match a purse I just bought!

I Love It!!! (Slim Cell Phone Wallet)
I got my purple Wallet-Be a couple years ago for Christmas. I absolutely love it! I've been using it ever since the day I got it! It's perfect if your on the run and don't want to bring out your big purse! I want to buy another one soon to match a purse I just bought!

ALMOST perfect (Smartphone Wallet, Pebbled Leather)
I love walletbe wallet designs but have had issues with the quality of the leather. This new, pebbled leather is awesome so that problem is solved. Now, if they would just replace the snap flap inside compartment on the smartphone accordion pebbled wallet with a zippered compartment so I could keep change in it, it would be ABSOLUTELY perfect. Come on Walletbe, make this tweak and I will buy one for every woman I know!

Great Wallet, Best Idea! (Leather Cell Phone Wallet)
Love the idea that it is a small package that can carry everything that you need.
Maggie T.

Excellent! (Front Pocket Wallet)
This is by far and without a doubt, the BEST wallet I have ever owned. I was tired of buying a new wallet and having to replace it every few months, so one day I googled "best mens wallet", and this is what came up, and it lives up to the title. I have had it for two years and it is in the same condition as the day I bought it.
Dan P.

Fabulous! (Smartphone/Purse)
I bought this larger version of the cellphone wallet when my new phone would no longer fit in the previous one and I love the larger size and more slots. The only thing I miss is the zipper coin section because this wallet just has the snap closure and naturally the coins fall out as soon as I open the wallet. Other than that I LOVE my smartphone walletbe!
Lydia A.

Still my favourite wallet (Pebbled Leather Smartphone Accordion Wallet Purse)
Upgraded to this wallet when I upgraded to ATT's Galaxy 2 Skyrocket, which sadly didn't fit in my old Walletbe. Ordered the new Smartphone Accordion Wallet and it accommodates the phone beautifully. Changes I was sad to see, the short strap now is looped with only one hook. I liked being able to run the strap through a belt loop on my old walletbe. Can't do that now. Unfortunately, the biggest complaint I have about this wallet is the modification made in the change section that I loved in my old Walletbe. The zippered change section from the old style Walletbe has been replaced with a snap section with an open top. This isn't well thought out as the change does not stay in the change section. PLEASE put the zipper back it. You were the only company that had a dedicated change section and that was a major selling point for me. Now I am back to having loose change EVERYWHERE. All in all though, can't imagine using any other wallet.
Karen B.

Perfect Pretty and Pink (Croco Cell Phone Accordion Wallet Purse)
Finally a wallet that fits my iPhone 4s with hard case!!! It slips in and out easily, hold securely with a snap and my driver's lic. is in easy access. Comes with a sleeve to hide it if I don't want it to be shown. Holds cards with no problem. Usually the slits are sooooo tight, I can't get them in or out without a struggle, but these slide easy!! Like the money electic compartment. In fact I love everyting about this wallet. I have finally found the perfect wallet, I will never go back to regular store bought wallets again!!! Oh yes, love the wistlet and long cross body strap as well. Will order the blue and possible green and black for variety in a few months! Delivery and packaging also got a ***** rating.

This size is just great for iPhones
I recently purchased the Walletbe Smartphone Accordion Wallet/Purse. It is great. It fits my I phone 3GS just fine. I also have a cover on it called Speck and I still have lots of room. This size is just great for iPhones. I'm writing this because I did tell you about my first WalletBe not fitting so now I say thank you for making one larger for us iPhone users. Thanks again
Carole B.

Best Travel Wallet
This is the best travel wallet. Zipper keeps enclosed items safe and it can be placed in front pocket for easy access anytime. Plenty of space for two different currencies and numerous sleeves to hold cards and front panel for ID. A wonderful find. Recommended for anyone for daily use and traveling abroad.

A home run!
Been using this wallet for a few years and it is better than any other I've used in my 50 years. It holds more than you could imagine, yet keeps it all organized. I don't even have to look...I know exactly where each card is, etc. GREAT PRODUCT! Colors are really pretty too. I have the dark purple, and it's beautiful! I'm thinking about getting the dark blue one next, just for variety.
Wendy S.

First Double :o)
My first double, but not my first accordion from WalletBe. When I received the double I didn't think I could use it because I do not carry nearly enough cards to fill it. Silly me. I figured it would make a great gift. Shortly after, I ordered a designer wallet from a department store. The price I paid for the lack of card slots (three to be exact and one clear window for my ID) was absolutely insane. On top of that, the stitching was defective. So here my double sat, in purple, waiting to be gifted. I don't think so. Designer is going back. The quality and abundant space on MY WalletBe makes it a keeper. Love the purple. All around great wallet. Thanks for a great DESIGN.

City Wallet - Not just for men
I use this all the time. I put it in the front pocket of my jeans and use the clip (instead of for money) for attaching to my outer jean pocket. This way I always know where my wallet is, and it doesn't slip out.
Cathy O.

Oh So Sweet And Functional...
I purchased my first in red so I can easily spot it in my large bag. I rarely carry any cash so the card slots/accordion was the most important to me. I keep my ID in the outside window facing it inward. I love how easily it slides out with my thumb. I carried such large wallets in the past that this is an unusual, but wonderful change to the bulk I lugged around. I know more colors will be ordered soon. Thank you for a wonderful product and the variety of colors.

Even Happier WalletBe Customer Than I Was in the First Place
Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I got the wallet, it's perfect, and I've already moved all of my things into it. My iphone 3Gs fits in it just fine. So now I am an even happier WalletBe customer than I was in the first place, I'll carry it everywhere, will tell EVERYONE how fabulous you are, and will definitely buy one of the new re-designed cell phone accordions this winter (and really, now, you've got a loyal customer for life). THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle K.

This is just what I needed. The wallet is VERY sturdy, well made and the PERFECT size. It fits the stuff that I had crammed into my old non WalletBe Brand accordion cell phone wallet with room to spare. I couldn't even zip it all the way anymore! It looks fashionable, yet casual enough for everyday use. It fits my covered smart phone perfectly. The measurements on the cell phone pocket are 4 3/4" long 3 1/2" tall and 1" thick. The pocket also has elastic sides. The shipping time was incredible. You won't be disappointed.
Jen H.

Best Wallet Ever!
I hate carrying a purse and have tried for years to find a truly functional wallet. As I was looking, I came up with a "wish" list of what I needed. 1. a wallet for my cards, a place for cash and a coin purse. 2. a place for my cell phone 3. a wristlet. That's what I "googled" and this is what I found! I LOVE MY WALLETBE! I have everything in one very convenient, portable place. My search is over!
Jennifer S.

Billfold accordion rocks!
Women's Ferrari Red Billfold Accordion Wallets - I just got my Walletbe Ferrari red billfold wallet and it is gorgeous. I had a smaller Walletbe for years and it was time to retire it. This new style holds so much. I love that there is a section for the mostly used cards. There are sleeves for other items like car insurance. And the billfold is a nice touch. I had to really fold down my cash in my smaller Walletbe. All in all, I really like wallet. Shipping was fast. Highly recommend this brand!

Love this wallet
Women's Cobalt Blue Billfold Accordion Wallets - Buying this wallet allowed me to downsize my handbag but I can still carry as much as I did with my checkbook wallet which is exactly what I was looking for. I hope you keep coming out with new products! I will definitely order again.
Tami S

Great Wallet
WalletBe Accordion Croco Wallet, Classic Black - I love this wallet, it is great. I've been using it for a couple of years now and it works perfectly. Recently the change part ripped so unfortunately I will need to replace it. I wish that the wallet had a different closure instead of a zipper, something more 'ladylike' like a frame closure, for both the cards and the change portion. Then it would be absolutely perfect.

Kelly Green is my favorite color!
WalletBe Accordion Croco Wallet - I bought the WalletBe wallet about 4 years ago and I love it. It holds all of my credit cards and small sheets of paper. It even holds several dollars in change. Now the change purse section is starting to rip - but after 4 years of really working the wallet hard - so I definitely want to buy another WalletBe wallet but I don't want to get another color but kelly green. I'm so glad I was able to find the actual website with the Kelly green wallet so I will definitely buy it on I would definitely recommend this wallet to all of my friends.

Great Little Item!!
Stick It Mat, Gray - I received one of these free as a promotion over Christmas. Now I'm back to buy some. These work great and leave absolutely no residue or sticky feeling, but they hold whatever you place on them like iron. I highly recommend them. They'd make a great little gift for almost anyone.

Vibrant Shiny Red - Everything fits with ease
RE: WalletBe Women's Double-Wide Accordion, Ferrari Red - I had the single accordion for years and loved the easy organization,being able to see at a glance that all my cards were in place and ez to locate. But the double allows me to hold the extra stuff (coupons,receipts,membership cards)that used to go in another device all in one wallet. I find things instantly because there is a dedicated space for everything. The wallet is extremely thoughtfully and well made,taking expansion into consideration when designing the zipper close and coin pocket. I love this wallet and like my other one, it will last forever! A big plus for me is that the business is located in my home state and I have personally corresponded with owners who are GENUINELY dedicated to providing the best customer service on the planet and making the best product you can buy!

Women's Purple Cell Phone Accordion Wallet - I found a brand new WalletBe at a Yard sale still in its box. I never thought that a wallet would be one of my favorite items. I have back issues and cannot carry my purse with all that I like to carry. The WalletBe gave me enough room to carry the most important things all the time. I like that it goes over my shoulder so it doesn't fall off to yank my arm. There isn't enough room here to tell you all the things I love about this wallet. Thank you for the best idea & the best quality product ever. :)
Patricia R

Great wallet!
WalletBe Original Front Pocket Wallet, Classic Black - I have purchased about five of these for myself and others and I just love them.. I don't carry a purse and this works just great.. Fits in my back pocket or a coat pocket. Not thick. Not hard to get into the pocket.. I will purchase more in the future..

I'm in love with the WalletBe's. I bought 3 of the Accordions, one for me and one for each of my daughters. We absolutely fell in love with them. But since I'm a frequent traveler, I ordered the double-wide accordion so I have all my frequent travel cards along too. I've tried other wallets, but end up having to carry a wallet plus a separate card carrier so I'm always going back to my WalletBe. I love the red one so it's easy to find in my purse. I've had it for three years now and it's still holding strong, but I'm ordering a new one so I can have a new color for a change. Just can't imagine ever using something else!!

Just wish you still had the yellow as my small one is the yellow, and it's so easy to spot in my big carryon's in the plane. Please make the double-wide in the yellow so I can order one.

I love this double wide cell phone accordion wallet
The WalletBe Women's Zippered Croco Double-Wide Cell Phone Accordion, Brown is easy to use, convenient to wear crossbody strap, easy access to cellphone, accordion access to cards is great.

The BEST little Wallet you'll EVER own!
This wallet is amazing! I fell in love with it the 1st time I opened one. No more digging for the right card for me...or 2 of my friends come the Holy Days. I will be buying more in the days ahead, as I want everyone I love to experience owning their very own WalletBe!!!

Many thanks to the brilliant designers!

Excellent purchase
RE: Womens Crinkled Patent Leather Accordion Wallet, Black - I just saw this wallet for the first time while at lunch with a girlfriend and instantly fell in love with it. It's small, but holds a surprisingly large amount of items in an organized compact manner. The best part is the versatility of it's size - it works as a wallet within your purse or as a nice little wrist clutch if you don't feel like carrying a full purse!
Tammy S.

Never leave home without it
I am have been using the check book wallet for so many years (Brandy Brown Billfold Accordion Wallet)...i was hesitant about purchasing this small was i surprised that it actually works and i and hooked. In the beginning i loaded and it i kept popping open eventually it got broken in...I love space wise in my purse, i can just pick it up and put in my jacket pocket and i have everything.....i recommend it highly will never go back to checkbook wallets.

I have red and black. Coming back for navy and green. Last year, every woman I know received one from me. They had great fun trading colors.
Lynn M.

I just purchased the Classic Black Women's Accordion style wallet and I absolutely love it! It holds so much more than any other wallet I've owned. My other wallets were bulky, but everything, and more, fits in the WalletBe wallet without it being bulky. It's soft and COMPACT! It's the best!!

I am a 32 year old mom and have spent years rummaging through my diaper bags and purses to get at my wallet or cellphone. Fed up oned day after being at the grocery store and flustering thorugh my bag I sat at the computer and typed in wallet cellphone holders and up popped your site. Thank goodness because I picked my colour ordered my leather cellphone accordian and received it in less than a week! I am ALWAYS getting compliments on how practical and yet fashionable it is. I love how small and compact it is while still holding so many cards ...Thank you very much for such a thoughtful product! P.S. I would love to see a zebra white and black striped coloured one or some feminine patterns and I would pick up a few for my friends.

The Croco Double Cell Accordion was exactly what I had been searching for. It works perfectly with my Motorola Droid. Holds all of my credit cards and cash. I searched on-line for two days and finally found the WalletBe product. It even holds my pen, lip gloss and bluetooth ear piece, which tucks in nicely right above the credit cards. I use this as my cross-body wallet to carry when I don't want to carry my large purse. I like that it zips closed-so much more secure than many wallets that only have a snap closure. Love the ID slot which can either hide your ID behind the ID curtain for privacy. It makes for easy access, yet keeps your ID secure. I couldn't have designed it better myself!
L. Thomas

Hi I got the wallets this morning. Everything is great. I have about 20 of them for my own use in various colors. I totally love them. The ones I got now are for Christmas presents for later this year. Originally I got them from QVC. They ran out of red. I thought there must be a, there was thus my order thank-you everyone loves them, wish you had a catalog, I would then go crazy.
Thanks Marion O.

This is my third one as I always overstuff them. Anyone who sees me use it constantly knows me by it. Store clerks always comment on it. Best product ever!

Thank you and I love your product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job. The perfect travel, work, play purse.
Catherine B.

I received my zipper with outer ID today only 4 days after ordering. I've never got anything that fast living up here in Alaska.

I'm more than pleased with it, the superior quality of the wallet surpasses anything I've had before. The front ID window is great for me now I don't have to open my wallet to show my company badge. The zipper will keep my cards and cash safe for years to come. And above all it's so small I LOVE IT!!!

Thanks again,
Malcolm M.

Love your wallet. I'll probably have to order one for the other sister now.
-Linda C.

Thanks so much for the cell phone accordian WalletBe! I've had one in black since Christmas and don't leave home without it. It even fits an old fat Blackberry I have. The top stretches right over it and hasn't worn out. I'm not a big credit card person, but I have lots of gift cards that people have given me. Didn't think I needed that many pockets, but I actually do. I use some for receipts and one for wallet size pictures. I just ordered one in teal green for spring. I would love to see one in pink or white too. I would definitely buy those too.

Thanks so much for a Great Product!!
-Regina from Georgia

First of all- the service of your group is EXCELLENT! My husband Jon was thrilled at the incredible TAT for his replacement wallet! He's so happy to have it back! Your customer service is THE best. We will be long time customers! Thanks again for handling this so professionally and efficiently!
Megann R.

My husband LOVES his Zipper w/outer ID. He's a Major in the AF and this wallet is perfect for him - quick access to his ID and small/zipped wallet to fit in his front pocket. I'm buying him his THIRD wallet for Valentine's Day - he refuses to carry another one.

I have the Cellphone Accordion wallet and LOVE it! It's small enough to fit in my tiny purse. Better yet, I can strap it on my wrist and carry the baby for quick buys (Rx, dry cleaners, etc.). I don't have to sit the baby down on the counter for transactions anymore.
- Sandra

Hi Jim: I finally got my WalletBe and I ABSOLUTELY love it! Why don't they carry this in stores? I had originally seen it while channel surfing on QVC and they sell it for almost $40. I took my [WalletBe] wallet (which was 2x the size of my new one) to hockey with me last night and none of the Moms could believe everything that fit in it. We did several demonstrations. I hope some of them order from you. Somehow this has to be marketed differently, home shows or something. It is a miracle. I'm going to order another in black. I am sooo happy I saw it that day. Thank you!
- Jeanette M.

Regarding longer replacement straps for the Walletbe cellphone accordion wallet:

I can say nothing but "Thank you!" hundred times. I will hold on to the wallets I bought and wait for the replacement strap to become available on your web site. I might have kept mine anyway as I really like the wallet itself but it would have been difficult to give away as gift especially to tall or larger friends or families. I really appreciate your effort to secure the replacement in such speedy manner. As long as knowing it would be available, I am not too worried about "making it to Christmas" as I could always wrap them only with wrist strap and give the new shoulder strap later. I am simply delighted not having to go out looking for something else as I know your cell phone wallet makes a wonderful gift any woman would appreciate.

Thank you again for your excellent customer service. I will look forward to talking with you again.
- M. Naro

I have your Cellphone Accordion wallets and have given out several as gifts and plan on buying more this season for gifts. Thank you for making such an ingenious design that truly does fit everything.
- Dena

I have the cellphone accordian walletbe, and want to get more colors, but am most interested in the croco version - will you be making more than the four colors you have right now? I LOVE this wallet!!! Thanks!
- G. Griffin

There is nothing like the Walletbe. I've been having mine for 5 years and that's all I use. After my twins were born, I didn't want to haul around a diaper bag AND purse. Walletbe I found on a TV shopping network and have loved it ever since. So compact with everything at your disposal. My classic Walletbe zipper just broke off after 5 yrs of hard usage. I was excited to come back and see the new cellphone accordion wallet. Love how you can put EVERYTHING in this one: cellphone, regular walletbe, lipstick, and two straps. Kudos to the design team for adding the wristlit and lipstick compartment. Love it!!!
- Angie

I purchased the purple billfold accordion wallet in purple......and I am IN LOVE with it. It is so nice, everything fits in it and it doesn't feel like a brink in my purse with everything that I fit in it like my other wallets. Love the ID holder, the accordion, the extra pockets to store things..........everything about it!! thank you!
- M. Campbell

This is the third Walletbe that I have bought for my Husband. He loves them and wears them out from so much usage. I can not believe how fast shipping was on this item, Thank you so much for the great online shopping experience.
- M. Kuisle

Thanks for the new strap! Love love love WalletBe! If you think I'm just nuts, I'll tell you I spent hours on line searching 'cell phone wallet', 'iPhone wallet', etc. I just hate excess baggage. You're the best.
- J. DeCoursey

Just wanted you to know that I received the cell phone leather croco embossed accordion I.D. wallet and the ladies wide accordion wallet both in the ocean blue today. Both pieces are just BEAUTIFUL! I am a female and I ride a motorcycle. We always need small compact sizes of everything since we are so limited on space. Thank you so much for these inventions and the quality was above my expectations. I will be telling my friends about your leather goods. My female friends that ride will love this idea as much as I do. Where have you been all of my life? I'm sure I will be ordering from you again. You should really consider putting ALL of your products in all of the Harley Davidson stores across the U.S. Motorcyclist would be your best customers across the board. LOVE, LOVE the two pieces I ordered. I feel like a commercial, but this invention is the best I've seen. Thank you for a great product.
- S. Dingus

Hi - I'm interested in the cell phone accordion wallet... I have your regular accordion wallet and totally love it - the leather is superb….
- C. Shamrock

I learned about WalletBe during an online search I did for wallets. I ended up reading… comments [from a blog post] and saw WalletBe mentioned.

Since that weblog is geared toward people that do what I do, sit at a desk all day designing web sites and applications, I figured I'd give one a shot.

Hope all is well,
- Geoff