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4 Things You Need To Know About RFID Blocking Wallets

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

So what do I need to know about RFID Scanning?

What you need to know is that there are bad people in the world who want to capitalize on your good fortune and scan or steal your credit card information. Unfortunately, the dark side has figured out how to obtain scanners that read RFID cards (Your Credit Cards) while walking past you in the airport, waiting in line at a register or sitting in a coffee shop. The RFID scanner can be hidden in a brief case or even a pocket and can be reading your personal Credit Card information without you realizing it.

How Does a RFID Blocking Wallet Protect Me?

Be aware of those around you but most of all, as credit cards in traditional wallets offer no protection to RFID scanners. WalletBe’s RFID Blocking Wallets will protect your information from being scanned with our RFID blocking technology. WalletBe RFID Blocking Wallets include Men’s, Women’s, Smart Phone Wallets and Passport Wallets with our RFID Blocking technology designed to protect your information.

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion while protecting yourself. WalletBe RFID Blocking Wallets still have the same great fashion look and functionality as a non-RFID Blocking Wallet, only with the added protection that will put you at ease knowing your information is not readable by thieves.

Once you purchase a WalletBe RFID Blocking Wallet, make sure the embedded chip is covered by the card slot and it will be shielded from being scanned until you take it out and want to scan it or swipe it for a purchase.

Will you offer more styles of WalletBe RFID Blocking Wallets soon?

We will be offering a complete line of Men’s and Women’s WalletBe RFID Blocking Wallets by the 4th quarter 2015, just in time for that special holiday gift. Of course, any time is the right season to buy a WalletBe RFID Blocking Wallet for yourself, your spouse, a family member or friend.

What is RFID?

RFID is the acronym for Radio Frequency Identification, the latest technology that incorporates an imbedded chip in your credit cards. As credit card companies reissue their credit cards, they are including a small computer chip with the card which can be read by flashing your card across a small kiosk at the register rather than swiping the card. This technology is now also being used by the US Government when issuing passports to make it quicker to scan your information when traveling and reentering the country.

Time for Fun in the Sun! Folding Polarized Sunglasses

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

It’s time for fun in the sun! But please protect your eyes. Ultraviolet rays can cause permanent damage to your eyes if not protected and summer sun rays are giving off peak levels of these rays.

Folding Polarized Sunglasses

Folding Polarized Sunglasses

Going on an outing, to a ball game or working in the garden? You don’t want to wear your expensive designer or “nice” glasses. Wear a pair you can carry conveniently, protecting your eyes in the process without worrying about losing or damaging your “nice” sunglasses.

WalletBe folding sunglasses are specially designed with UV 400 and polarized lenses to give you the clarity you desire, cutting sun glare while providing the safety and protection you need.

They make the perfect second pair of sunglasses!

If the Wallet Quality Is So Good, Why Are the Prices So Low?

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Experience the quality and durability of WalletBe's men's and women's walletsWe control every process in the development of WalletBes mens and womens wallets, from the wallet design process to hide selection and tanning to handcrafted wallet production.

Because we control and manage every process and enjoy economies of scale, WalletBe can offer mens and womens wallets at prices far below those that other high quality and designer wallet companies charge.

The customer reaps the benefits in so many ways: High quality wallets that are durable, longlasting, priced inexpensively, and are fun, functional and fashionable.

Follow our blogs to learn more about WalletBe Mens and Womens wallets – the best designed wallets in the world that fit YOUR lifestyle . “The smaller wallet for smarter people.”

Handcrafting Mens and Womens Wallets – Ensuring Durability and Quality

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Handcrafted Womens Leather Cell Phone WalletsOnce our hides have been tanned into Italian leather, we bring them to our production plant where each wallet is assembled by hand. Each wallet that you purchase has been handcrafted! – a major quality component that ensures durability.

The production process is where the integrity of the wallet and the leather is assured. As you now know, our attention to detail is second to none, from the wallet design process to hide selection and tanning to handcrafted production. We institute strict quality control measures so that our men’s and women’s wallets are handcrafted in accordance with WalletBe’s strict specifications thus ensuring a highly durable and longlasting product. We are our own Quality Assurance check – inspecting each wallet so the outcome is exactly what our customers would expect.

Follow our blogs to learn more about WalletBe Men’s and Women’s wallets – the best designed wallets in the world that fit YOUR lifestyle . “The smaller wallet for smarter people.”

WalletBe Mens and Womens Wallets Handcrafted with the Finest Leather in the World

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Handcrafted Mens Leather WalletsWe use the best leather in the world. Period. We dont use plastic or fake leather. And never would think to.

Each year, WalletBe studies existing and emerging fashion colors and incorporates the most exciting and popular ones into the designs of our mens wallets and womens wallets.

We manage the entire wallet design process which includes the type of leather we use. We use only the best leather in the world for our wallets which is commonly referred to as Italian leather. Our Italian leather is sourced in the United States from only the best hides.

Hides are not technically leather until after theyve been tanned. After we select the hides, we then ship them off to the Tuscan mountains of Italy where the best tanners in the world reside. Once the hides are tanned, they can then be referred to as Italian leather. The tanning process for WalletBe wallets is complex and requires our complete attention to detail. We make sure that the tanners match the exact seasonal colors weve chosen. In the past, our wallet colors have included, among so many others, Classic Black, Ferrari Red, Mahogany Brown, Ocean Blue, Purple, and Kelly Green. Some of our leather is two-toned – a light tone interior hand stitched together with a dark tone exterior  – which requires the Italian tanner to tan by hand – a true art. Its an artisan skill that only the Italian tanners in the Tuscan mountains know to do.

Once our Italian leathers have been produced, we bring them to our production plant where each wallet is assembled by hand. Each wallet that you purchase has been handcrafted!  – a major quality component that ensures durability.

Follow our blogs to learn more about WalletBe Mens and Womens wallets – the best designed wallets in the world that fit YOUR lifestyle . “The smaller wallet for smarter people.”

Why WalletBe’s Mens and Womens Wallets Are Smaller and Smarter

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Smaller and Smarter Womens WalletsJim Dimataris founded WalletBe about a decade ago on the premise that he could make high quality men’s and women’s wallets that would make people’s lives easier.  And because he was determined to control the design and production process, he decided to price each wallet so that every American and worldwide citizen could afford to own a WalletBe.

The idea was to design wallets that would have a lifestyle impact on men and women everywhere. Thus, was born his tagline: “The smaller wallet for smarter people”.  And just to make sure customers understood his mission completely, he added the 3 F’s: “fun, functional and fashionable”.

Jim Dimataris: “It’s not about the money, it’s about how we build a brand around making good quality products that make people’s lives easier.”


Quality Wallets Begin with Quality Designs

The first step in producing a quality men’s or women’s wallet is to design quality into them. Our wallet designs are researched thoroughly and market tested to confirm that our ideas are in line with what appeals to you, our customers.

WalletBe is different than any other wallet company in the world because of the way we define a wallet. A wallet today can have many uses. Some like a very small compact thin wallet to just carry the barest of essentials. Some prefer a bit more room and others prefer a wallet similar in size to a purse. No matter the wallet size, our designs allow you to easily and instantly access coins, bills, IDs, lipstick, credit cards, pens, cell phones and anything else that you think is important enough to carry around with you.

You spend more time with your wallet than you spend with your loved ones. So, its quality is of the utmost importance to you and us. It does you no good to have a wallet that will last a few months. Your wallet becomes your identity, the colors personify your attitude in life.

Womens Ultra Thin WalletsWe design each of our wallets to appeal to busy lifestyles of men and women and to the conveniences required to make their lives easier. For example, our wallet interiors typically feature accordion slots that are compact yet expandable to easily allow fingers to roam and locate credit cards… and for eyes to easily view the credit cards at a glance. The accordion slots are hand stitched and don’t tear. Moreover, they are divided into two (2) rows to keep the credit cards organized. The fabric and stitching is all performed by hand so you can trust the quality.

Alongside the accordion slots, we also build in a good amount of extra space for other items. We add outer or inner ID displays so you don’t have to continuously pull the ID out at the supermarket or airport. We add in zippered coin purses, detachable shoulder straps and wristlets which allow you to move about leaving your two hands free to hand carry other items. There are interior elastic cash pouches as well as lipstick and pen holders.

Some of our most popular items are cell phone wallets. No surprise there since 5 billion people worldwide own a cell phone. Our cell phone wallets fit all of the cell phones and smartphones that are on the market today including the iPhone, iPod, Droid, Droid X, Blackberry as well as PDA’s and MP3 Players.

Want to keep up with your friends on Twitter and Facebook? Easy! Each cell phone wallet is designed with a convenient fashionable holster with a security snap button that allows for easy and constant access to your cell phone.

Follow our blogs to learn more about WalletBe Men’s and Women’s wallets – the best designed wallets in the world that fit YOUR lifestyle . “The smaller wallet for smarter people.”

Car Dash Mat VIDEOS

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Here are few VIDEOS of our Car Dash Mats in action. Sent to us from our customers.

Holds Your Cake While You Eat It, Too!

Do Car Dash Mats Really Hold Your Stuff In Place as You Drive?

Sudden Turns with the Car Dash Mat

New, Advanced Women’s and Men’s Wallet Systems – Still Smart and Compact

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Each year, WalletBe seeks to design new products that not only extend our product lines but also keep in line with our mantra of providing function, fashion and fun. Our products are smart and compact yet provide the perfect amount of space to fit your most essential items.

Croco Double Wide Cell Phone accordion Wallet

Earlier in the year, we introduced the Women’s double-wide croco cell phone accordion wallet which combined the concept of our double wide croco cell phone accordion wallet with our croco cell phone accordion wallet.

The double wide croco cell phone accordion fits all smartphones, including the Droid X and the iPhone 4. What’s nice about them is that they can be hand carried as a wallet or small purse, or carried over the shoulder or dangling from your wrist. Each is hand-finished with genuine Italian leather and embossed with the authentic look of crocodile. Functional design is impeccable: 2 rows of 6 accordion card slots, a zippered wallet with a coin purse, interior elastic cash pouch, and a lipstick and pen holder. All of this function in a fashionable 7″ x 4″ wallet.

A Colorful Explosion of Leather and Microfiber

Just a few weeks ago, we introduced four (4) additions to the WalletBe family of smart and compact Women’s wallets:

  • Microfiber Accordion Wallet – Colors: Black, Red, Zebra, Leopard. Lightweight, double-gusseted, detachable wristlet, zippered, 9 Accordion (Easy View) credit card slots.
  • Portable Leather Jewelry Case – Colors; Black, Red. The ultimate carrying case for your jewelry. Stylish. Pebbled glove-tanned Italian Leather. Detachable wristlet. Soft and plush. Smart interior design features a separate inner zippered pouch to place special or smaller jewelry and an outer zippered compartment for coins, cash, cards and other valuables.
  • Ultra Thin Leather Wallets – Colors: Black and Red. The ultimate in a thin wallet. You’ve never seen a wallet designed like this – single or side by side strap. How thin you ask? How is one-quarter of an inch? Features ultra thin, soft Italian glove-tanned leather, pebbled finish, lots of zippered compartments, secure flat slots for credit cards, a “push and pull” outer ID, inner keychain and, of course, a detachable wristlet.
  • Slim Phone Croco Accordion Wallet – Colors: Black, Red, Ocean Blue, Purple, and Mahogany Brown. We sold out of the Ocean Blue in one week! This is the horizontal version of our Croco Cell Phone Accordion Wallet. Of course, it comfortably holds all smartphones – Droid X and iPhone 4 included. Features hand finished, two-toned Italian leather, detachable wristlet, a convenient horizontal cell phone holster, outer ID, inner coin purse, 9 convenient and protective credit card slots, and a secure elastic cash pouch.

For men, we introduced the long-awaited money clip wallet. We took out original front pocket design and added a non-magnetic money clip. This is a men’s wallet that is perfect for any man: husband, brother, father, boyfriend. It’s stylish but not excessive. It’s functional as well as small and compact. Anything that a man in today’s age will want to carry will fit in this money clip wallet. It’s non-magnetic money clip allows you to pass through airport security without having to remove it from your shirt or pants pocket.

And for travelers, we designed a perfect complement to portability: the City Wallet. The City Wallet is designed for men and women and is made of Italian glove-tanned leather with a pebbled finish. You can wear it in your front pocket, rear pocket, on/over your belt or in a handbag. It hides nicely and comfortably under a shirt or jacket. No one will ever know you’re carrying one. It features two currency compartments for receipts, mad money, and other different currencies, has a separate outer ID area and a snap-pouch.

We hope you enjoy our latest wallet and ladies accessory additions to the WalletBe family. Our wallets are unique and quality is assured because we design them ourselves. Try one – you’ll be glad you did. And given the size of our wallets, many of them make for perfect stocking stuffers.

Want to know what our customers think of our wallets?

“I am a 32 year old mom and have spent years rummaging through my diaper bags and purses to get at my wallet or cellphone. Fed up one day after being at the grocery store and flustering through my bag I sat at the computer and typed in “wallet cellphone holders” and up popped your site. Thank goodness because I picked my colour, ordered my leather cellphone accordion, and received it in less than a week! I am ALWAYS getting compliments on how practical and yet fashionable it is. I love how small and compact it is while still holding so many cards …Thank you very much for such a thoughtful product! P.S. I would love to see a zebra white and black striped coloured one or some feminine patterns and I would pick up a few for my friends.” – Marie

List of WalletBe’s Best Stocking Stuffers for 2010

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Stocking stuffers should be useful, interesting and above all else, small and compact. They do, after all, need to fit inside a red stocking. And stocking stuffers should be light enough so that the stocking doesn’t fall from the mantel atop the fireplace. Most of WalletBe’s Men’s and Women’s wallets, Travel wallets, Eyewear, and Business & Laptop accessories make for perfect stocking stuffers at holiday time because they are designed to be compact and thin. Our products are also functional so don’t worry about fitting all of your essential items inside. You will. It’s just that we’ve designed wallets that are smart and make ingenious use of space.

So, don’t worry about stocking stuffers this year. After you’ve purchased the mandatory annual stocking stuffers such as lipstick, nail polish, lottery tickets and gift certificates, shop WalletBe’s stocking stuffers. You’ll be amazed at our prices and amazed that, considering their fashion and function, they fit inside a stocking.

Happy Holidays and many happy returns!

WalletBe’s Own List of Its Best Stocking Stuffers of 2010








Best Stocking Stuffers for Men



Croco Accordion Cell Phone Wallet











Best Stocking Stuffers for Women



Car Dash Mats










Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Welcome to the WalletBe blog!

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Welcome to the new WalletBe blog!

We look forward to sharing new products and ideas with our customers, as well as answering any questions you may have about our wallets!

-The WalletBe Team