Time for Fun in the Sun! Folding Polarized Sunglasses


It’s time for fun in the sun! But please protect your eyes. Ultraviolet rays can cause permanent damage to your eyes if not protected and summer sun rays are giving off peak levels of these rays.

Folding Polarized Sunglasses

Folding Polarized Sunglasses

Going on an outing, to a ball game or working in the garden? You don’t want to wear your expensive designer or “nice” glasses. Wear a pair you can carry conveniently, protecting your eyes in the process without worrying about losing or damaging your “nice” sunglasses.

WalletBe folding sunglasses are specially designed with UV 400 and polarized lenses to give you the clarity you desire, cutting sun glare while providing the safety and protection you need.

They make the perfect second pair of sunglasses!

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