Why WalletBe’s Mens and Womens Wallets Are Smaller and Smarter


Smaller and Smarter Womens WalletsJim Dimataris founded WalletBe about a decade ago on the premise that he could make high quality men’s and women’s wallets that would make people’s lives easier.  And because he was determined to control the design and production process, he decided to price each wallet so that every American and worldwide citizen could afford to own a WalletBe.

The idea was to design wallets that would have a lifestyle impact on men and women everywhere. Thus, was born his tagline: “The smaller wallet for smarter people”.  And just to make sure customers understood his mission completely, he added the 3 F’s: “fun, functional and fashionable”.

Jim Dimataris: “It’s not about the money, it’s about how we build a brand around making good quality products that make people’s lives easier.”


Quality Wallets Begin with Quality Designs

The first step in producing a quality men’s or women’s wallet is to design quality into them. Our wallet designs are researched thoroughly and market tested to confirm that our ideas are in line with what appeals to you, our customers.

WalletBe is different than any other wallet company in the world because of the way we define a wallet. A wallet today can have many uses. Some like a very small compact thin wallet to just carry the barest of essentials. Some prefer a bit more room and others prefer a wallet similar in size to a purse. No matter the wallet size, our designs allow you to easily and instantly access coins, bills, IDs, lipstick, credit cards, pens, cell phones and anything else that you think is important enough to carry around with you.

You spend more time with your wallet than you spend with your loved ones. So, its quality is of the utmost importance to you and us. It does you no good to have a wallet that will last a few months. Your wallet becomes your identity, the colors personify your attitude in life.

Womens Ultra Thin WalletsWe design each of our wallets to appeal to busy lifestyles of men and women and to the conveniences required to make their lives easier. For example, our wallet interiors typically feature accordion slots that are compact yet expandable to easily allow fingers to roam and locate credit cards… and for eyes to easily view the credit cards at a glance. The accordion slots are hand stitched and don’t tear. Moreover, they are divided into two (2) rows to keep the credit cards organized. The fabric and stitching is all performed by hand so you can trust the quality.

Alongside the accordion slots, we also build in a good amount of extra space for other items. We add outer or inner ID displays so you don’t have to continuously pull the ID out at the supermarket or airport. We add in zippered coin purses, detachable shoulder straps and wristlets which allow you to move about leaving your two hands free to hand carry other items. There are interior elastic cash pouches as well as lipstick and pen holders.

Some of our most popular items are cell phone wallets. No surprise there since 5 billion people worldwide own a cell phone. Our cell phone wallets fit all of the cell phones and smartphones that are on the market today including the iPhone, iPod, Droid, Droid X, Blackberry as well as PDA’s and MP3 Players.

Want to keep up with your friends on Twitter and Facebook? Easy! Each cell phone wallet is designed with a convenient fashionable holster with a security snap button that allows for easy and constant access to your cell phone.

Follow our blogs to learn more about WalletBe Men’s and Women’s wallets – the best designed wallets in the world that fit YOUR lifestyle . “The smaller wallet for smarter people.”

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